The Disappearing Product


The Disappearing Product

Marketing and Markets in the Creative Industries

9781785360749 Edward Elgar Publishing
Chris Bilton, Reader in Creative Industries, Centre for Cultural & Media Policy Studies, University of Warwick, UK
Publication Date: 2017 ISBN: 978 1 78536 074 9 Extent: 272 pp
Technological and social change has transfigured the market for creative industries. A new generation of intermediaries including Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google deal in context (how we consume) more than content (what we consume), displacing cultural producers, devaluing culturing products and monopolising consumer attention. Drawing on theoretical models across disciplines and rich in practical examples, this book charts an approach to marketing which challenges cultural producers to reclaim their place in the creative economy.

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The Disappearing Product combines analysis of developments in the creative economy with practical guidance for marketing in the creative industries. Using theoretical models and extensive practical examples, this book challenges cultural producers to reclaim their place in the creative economy.

Marketing is situated in the context of social, cultural and technological change that has revolutionised the creative and media industries. Traditional broadcasters, publishers and record labels have been displaced by a new generation of intermediaries including Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. These new intermediaries are marginalising cultural producers, devaluing products and monopolising consumer attention. Bilton’s analysis focuses on how the creative industries must respond to these structural changes with new, innovative marketing methods for cultural products.

Key features include:

• a defined approach to marketing geared towards the cultural and creative industries, distinguished from ‘business as usual’ and ‘arts marketing’

• case studies and questions for discussion that can be used in the classroom

• analysis of the creative economy highlighting practical strategies for marketers and managers

• key examples of recent innovative marketing by artists and cultural entrepreneurs.

An essential guide for students of creative industries, marketing and management, this book allows readers to develop their own tailored approach to marketing. Cultural entrepreneurs, marketers and managers will benefit from the in-depth insight into new patterns of consumption, transformed markets and emerging business models.

Critical Acclaim
‘This book is a must-read for marketing practitioners in the media business. I would also highly recommend this book to students or researchers who want to understand the nature or business structure of creative industries. The creative industries are always in flux, and this book provides wise insights into the dynamic between industrial structure and market, producers and consumers, and products and experiences.’
– Hong Yu Liu, International Journal of Cultural Policy

‘Chris Bilton pursues a critical issue for everyone in arts and entertainment. The giants of the internet age have disintermediated IP owners. How can creators of content reclaim their relationship with their audiences?’
– Peter Bazalgette, Chair of ITV and previously Chair of Arts Council England 2012-2016

‘Chris Bilton’s book proposes a fresh view on cultural marketing. I like his approach of using traditional marketing concepts to describe the reality of the cultural industries from a new angle. I could describe it as a philosophical discussion about marketing in the arts and cultural (or creative) industries, more specifically in the music industry. It is well argued and interesting to read. No doubt it will lead to some interesting exchanges of points of views with students.’
– François Colbert, HEC Montreal, Canada

‘This book steps nimbly between the relentlessly commercial perspective of the business schools, and the critical approach of cultural policy studies, to bring into focus some of the key challenges facing cultural and creative businesses and individuals today. Building on the approach pioneered by Richard Caves and others, Bilton explores how culture is produced and circulated in a contemporary cultural economy dominated by FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google), where attention more than distribution or content, is king.’
– Justin O''Connor, Monash University, Australia

‘This book is a product of bold and pioneering cross-disciplinary thinking. It offers a structured perspective to our observation of the fast evolving dynamics of cultural markets where products become virtual, co-creative experiences. The book’s conceptual toolkit and practical insights will be an excellent resource for anyone interested in cultural marketing, especially independent cultural producers who strive to prosper in the age of network, convergence, free content and big data.’
– Hye-Kyung Lee, King''s College London, UK
Contents: 1. Marketing and Markets in the Creative Industries: making the connection PART I MARKETS 2. Industry Structure: rethinking the value chain 3. Market Structure: towards the social product 4. From Content to Context: the new business models PART II MARKETING 5. Products, Brands and Experiences 6. What is marketing strategy? Principles and methods 7. Strategy Continued: Competitors and Collaborators 8. Understanding Audiences: from segments to sub-cultures 9. Marketing and Creativity Bibliography Index

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