Transport Infrastructure


Transport Infrastructure

9781840645545 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by the late Roger R. Stough, formerly School of Policy, Government and International Affairs, George Mason University, US, Roger Vickerman, Professor of European Economics, University of Kent, UK, Kenneth Button, University Professor, Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University, US and Peter Nijkamp, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland, Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands and the Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Iasi, Iasi, Romania
Publication Date: 2002 ISBN: 978 1 84064 554 5 Extent: 680 pp
The editors have brought together in Transport Infrastructure a set of classic readings in the literature which show the development of analysis in this field.

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Understanding the economics and the wider impact of transport infrastructure presents a major challenge to economists. The scale of investment, indivisibilities, the setting of appropriate charges and the rate of economic growth are problems which require analyses and create controversy. Further contentious issues are the need to rely on public sector finance and certain ambiguities concerning impact on productivity.

The editors have brought together in Transport Infrastructure a set of classic readings in the literature which show the development of analysis in this field.

As the names in this volume show, some of the best economic thinkers of the twentieth century have addressed these multi-faceted problems.

This authoritative new collection of previously published papers presents a selection of the developments in a field which is still attracting new ideas and challenging transport planners and governments in both the developed and developing world, and indicate something of the diversity of analysis needed and the problems which remain.
37 articles, dating from 1929 to 1999
Contributors include: E. Gramlich, K.E. Haynes, H. Hotelling, H. Mohring, A. Munnell, R. Prud’homme, P. Rietveld, J. Tinbergen, J. Thisse, W. Vickrey
Introduction Roger Stough, Roger Vickerman, Kenneth Button and Peter Nijkamp
1. David Alan Aschauer (1989), ‘Is Public Expenditure Productive?’
2. Harold Hotelling (1929), ‘Stability in Competition’
3. Koichi Mera (1973), ‘II. Regional Production Functions and Social Overhead Capital: An Analysis of the Japanese Case’
4. Herbert Mohring (1961), ‘Land Values and the Measurement of Highway Benefits’
5. J. Tinbergen (1957), ‘The Appraisal of Road Construction: Two Calculation Schemes’
6. P. Nijkamp (1986), ‘Infrastructure and Regional Development: A Multidimensional Policy Analysis’
7. Edward M. Gramlich (1994), ‘Infrastructure Investment: A Review Essay’
8. Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Amy Ellen Schwartz (1995), ‘Infrastructure in a Structural Model of Economic Growth’
9. Charles R. Hulten and Robert M. Schwab (1993), ‘Infrastructure Spending: Where Do We Go From Here?’
10. Sau-Him Paul Lau and Chor-Yiu Sin (1997), ‘Public Infrastructure and Economic Growth: Time-Series Properties and Evidence’
11. Catherine Lynde and J. Richmond (1993), ‘Public Capital and Long-run Costs in U.K. Manufacturing’
12. Alicia H. Munnell with the assistance of Leah M. Cook (1990), ‘How Does Public Infrastructure Affect Regional Economic Performance?’
13. Piet Rietveld (1989), ‘Infrastructure and Regional Development: A Survey of Multiregional Economic Models’
14. John A. Tatom (1993), ‘The Spurious Effect of Public Capital Formation on Private Sector Productivity’
15. Terry L. Friesz, David Bernstein and Roger Stough (1996), ‘Dynamic Systems, Variational Inequalities and Control Theoretic Models for Predicting Time-Varying Urban Network Flows’
16. John D. Nystuen and Michael F. Dacey (1961), ‘A Graph Theory Interpretation of Nodal Regions’
17. Dominique Peeters, Jacques-François Thisse and Isabelle Thomas (1998), ‘Transportation Networks and the Location of Human Activities’
18. R.W. Vickerman (1995), ‘The Regional Impacts of Trans-European Networks’
19. William S. Vickrey (1969), ‘Congestion Theory and Transport Investment’
20. Ernst R. Berndt and Bengt Hansson (1992), ‘Measuring the Contribution of Public Infrastructure Capital in Sweden’
21. U. Blum (1982), ‘Effects of Transportation Investments on Regional Growth: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation’
22. Bernard Fritsch and Rémy Prud''homme (1997), ‘Measuring the Contribution of Road Infrastructure to Economic Development in France’
23. Theodore E. Keeler and John S. Ying (1988), ‘Measuring the Benefits of a Large Public Investment: The Case of the U.S. Federal-Aid Highway System’
24. Harvey J. Miller (1999), ‘Measuring Space-Time Accessibility Benefits Within Transportation Networks: Basic Theory and Computational Procedures’
25. Piet Rietveld and Jaap Boonstra (1995), ‘On the Supply of Network Infrastructure: Highways and Railways in European Regions’
26. Anwar Shah (1992), ‘Dynamics of Public Infrastructure, Industrial Productivity and Profitability’
27. Roger R. Stough and Kingsley E. Haynes (1998), ‘MegaProject Impact Assessment’
A Roads and Road Networks
28. Marlon G. Boarnet (1997), ‘Infrastructure Services and the Productivity of Public Capital: The Case of Streets and Highways’
29. J.S. Dodgson (1974), ‘Motorway Investment, Industrial Transport Costs, and Sub-Regional Growth: A Case Study of the M62’
30. Edward J. Taaffe, Richard L. Morrill and Peter R. Gould (1963), ‘Transport Expansion in Underdeveloped Countries: A Comparative Analysis’
31. Anthony J. Venables (1999), ‘Road Transport Improvements and Network Congestion’
B Rail and Transit Networks
32. Gordon W. Davies (1976), ‘The Effect of a Subway on the Spatial Distribution of Population’
33. G.H.M. Evers, P.H. van der Meer, J. Oosterhaven and J.B. Polak (1987), ‘Regional Impacts of New Transport Infrastructure: A Multi-sectoral Potentials Approach’
34. Howard L. Gauthier (1968), ‘Transportation and the Growth of the São Paulo Economy’
35. Komei Sasaki, Tadahiro Ohashi and Asao Ando (1997), ‘High-speed Rail Transit Impact on Regional Systems: Does the Shinkansen Contribute to Dispersion?’
C Bridges, Tunnels and Critical Links
36. Chris Jensen-Butler and Bjarne Madsen (1996), ‘Modelling the Regional Economic Effects of the Danish Great Belt Link’
37. R.W. Vickerman (1987), ‘The Channel Tunnel: Consequences for Regional Growth and Development’
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