Waste Management and Planning


Waste Management and Planning

9781840642179 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by the late Jane C. Powell, formerly Waste Management Programme Director, CSERGE, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, R. Kerry Turner, Professor of Environmental Sciences, School of Environmental Sciences and Director, Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment (CSERGE) and the Programme in Environmental Decision Making (PEDM), University of East Anglia, UK and Ian J. Bateman, OBE, Professor of Environmental Economics, Director of the Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP), University of Exeter, UK
Publication Date: 2001 ISBN: 978 1 84064 217 9 Extent: 616 pp
Waste Management and Planning presents a comprehensive selection of leading papers covering four main aspects of waste management: the waste problem, evaluation of waste management options, economic instruments and legislation and policy.

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Waste Management and Planning presents a comprehensive selection of leading papers covering four main aspects of waste management: the waste problem, evaluation of waste management options, economic instruments and legislation and policy.

Part I examines the technical aspects of waste management, such as waste generation, composition, management options and technologies. Part II discusses the evaluation of waste management options and includes papers on lifecycle assessment, multicriteria evaluation, and economic assessments. Part III focuses on economic instruments, packing policies, virgin material taxes and unit pricing. Part IV includes papers on public participation, waste facility siting and waste policy and legislation in the US, Europe and Tanzania.

This volume will be an invaluable source of reference for waste management students and practitioners, and environmentalists, students and all those interested in waste management issues.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book presents an overview of many relatively recent developments in the research around waste management and planning, including waste prevention and recycling. As such it presents a good introduction to students or new researchers in the field, and helps to determine directions for their research. It is also a suitable reference book for people in the field . . . the book contains a nice overview of important directions in waste management from a wide geographic and disciplinary background. It will benefit students in the field and may be helpful to select reading material for students. It may also provide policymakers with information on scientific research from a diverse background in an easy to access format.’
– Ernst Worrell, Resources, Conservation and Recycling
35 articles, dating from 1991 to 1999
Contributors include: H. Alter, I. Brisson, S.-S. Chung, G. Finnveden, S.K. Gupta, I. Lake, M.A. Leach, J. Petts, A.D. Read, M. Renkow
Introduction Waste Management: Technology, Economics and Policy Jane C. Powell
1. E. Daskalopoulos, O. Badr and S.D. Probert (1998), ‘Municipal Solid Waste: A Prediction Methodology for the Generation Rate and Composition in the European Union Countries and the United States of America’
2. Otto M. Poulsen, Niels O. Breum, Niels Ebbehøj, Åse Marie Hansen, Ulla I. Ivens, Duco van Lelieveld, Per Malmros, Leo Matthiasen, Birgitte H. Nielsen, Eva Møller Nielsen, Bente Schibye, Torsten Skov, Eva I. Stenbaek, Ken C. Wilkins (1995), ‘Sorting and Recycling of Domestic Waste. Review of Occupational Health Problems and their Possible Causes’
3. M. Renkow and A.R. Rubin (1998), ‘Does Municipal Solid Waste Composting Make Economic Sense?’
4. K. Westlake (1997), ‘Sustainable Landfill – Possibility or Pipe-dream?’
5. H.A. Abu Qdais, M.F Hamoda and J. Newham (1997), ‘Analysis of Residential Solid Waste at Generation Sites’
6. Katrina Smith Korfmacher (1997), ‘Solid Waste Collection Systems in Developing Urban Areas of South Africa: An Overview and Case Study’
7. M.E. Kaseva and S.K. Gupta (1996), ‘Recycling – An Environmentally Friendly and Income Generating Activity Towards Sustainable Solid Waste Management. Case Study – Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania’
8. Shuchi Gupta, Krishna Mohan, Rajkumar Prasad, Sujata Gupta and Arun Kansal (1998), ‘Solid Waste Management in India: Options and Opportunities’
9. Carl R. Bartone and Livia Benavides (1997), ‘Local Management of Hazardous Wastes from Small-scale and Cottage Industries’
10. Alan Barrett and John Lawlor (1997), ‘Questioning the Waste Hierarchy: The Case of a Region with a Low Population Density’
11. K.D. Barlishen and B.W. Baetz (1996), ‘Development of a Decision Support System for Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems Planning’
12. R.K. Turner (1992), ‘Municipal Solid Waste Management: An Economic Perspective’
13. Göran Finnveden, Ann-Christine Albertsson, Jaak Berendson, Erik Eriksson, Lars Olof Höglund, Sigbritt Karlsson and Jan-Olov Sundqvist (1996), ‘Solid Waste Treatment Within the Framework of Life-cycle Assessment’
14. Jane C. Powell, Amelia L. Craighill, Julian P. Parfitt and R. Kerry Turner (1996), ‘A Lifecycle Assessment and Economic Valuation of Recycling’
15. Iain R. Lake, Ian J. Bateman and Julian P. Parfitt (1996), ‘Assessing a Kerbside Recycling Scheme: A Quantitative and Willingness to Pay Case Study’
16. Guy Garrod and Ken Willis (1998), ‘Estimating Lost Amenity Due to Landfill Waste Disposal’
17. Matthew A. Leach, Ausilio Bauen and Nigel J.D. Lucas (1997), ‘A Systems Approach to Materials Flow in Sustainable Cities: A Case Study of Paper’
18. Jane C. Powell (1996), ‘The Evaluation of Waste Management Options’
19. Horng-Guang Leu and Sheng H. Lin (1998), ‘Cost–benefit Analysis of Resource Material Recycling’
20. Shan-Shan Chung and Chi-Sun Poon (1997), ‘Quantifying Externalities in Solid Waste Management in Hong Kong’
21. R.K. Turner, R. Salmons, J. Powell and A. Craighill (1998), ‘Green Taxes, Waste Management and Political Economy’
22. Marie Lynn Miranda and Joseph E. Aldy (1998), ‘Unit Pricing of Residential Municipal Solid Waste: Lessons from Nine Case Study Communities’
23. Annegrete Bruvoll (1998), ‘Taxing Virgin Materials: An Approach to Waste Problems’
24. Karen Palmer, Hilary Sigman and Margaret Walls (1997), ‘The Cost of Reducing Municipal Solid Waste’
25. Inger Brisson (1994), ‘Life-cycle Management and Economic Instruments’
26. Ian G. Bailey (1999), ‘Competition, Sustainability and Packaging Policy in the UK’
27. Paulien de Jong and Maarten Wolsink (1997), ‘The Structure of the Dutch Waste Sector and Impediments for Waste Reduction’
28. Adam D. Read (1999), ‘Making Waste Work: Making UK National Solid Waste Strategy Work at the Local Scale’
29. Marjorie J. Clarke, Adam D. Read and Paul S. Phillips (1999), ‘Integrated Waste Management Planning and Decision-making in New York City’
30. J.M. Lusugga Kironde and Michael Yhdego (1997), ‘The Governance of Waste Management in Urban Tanzania: Towards a Community Based Approach’
31. Dianne Rahm (1998), ‘Controversial Cleanup: Superfund and the Implementation of U.S. Hazardous Waste Policy’
32. Harvey Alter (1997), ‘Industrial Recycling and the Basel Convention’
33. Jeffery J. Himmelberger, Samuel J. Ratick and Allen L. White (1991), ‘Compensation for Risks: Host Community Benefits in Siting Locally Unwanted Facilities’
34. Chris Zeiss and Lianne Lefsrud (1995), ‘Analytical Framework For Waste-facility Siting’
35. Judith Petts (1997), ‘The Public-expert Interface in Local Waste Management Decisions: Expertise, Credibility and Process’
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