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Globalization and Spatial Mobilities

Commodities and People, Capital, Information and Technology Aharon Kellerman, University of Haifa, Israel
Presenting a comparative examination of five major voluntary global movements: commodities, people, capital, information and technology, this book traces and develops discussions of globalization and spatial mobility. The book further covers the means and media used for these mobilities: ports and ships, airports and airplanes, international banking electronic media, and the Internet, telephony and TV. Two concluding chapters focus on the mobile globe, highlighting present and future global mobility in general, and the relationships among the five global mobilities, in particular.
Extent: c 248 pp
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Publication Date: February 2020
ISBN: 978 1 78990 121 4
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Highlighting the global scale of the major classes of voluntary movements - commodities and people, capital, information and technology – Aharon Kellerman offers a contemporary and synthesizing perspective on global spatial mobilities. This wide-ranging book sheds new light on each of the mobility types individually as well as globalization and spatial mobilities more broadly through detailed comparative analysis.

This important work is set in the context of current conflicting global trends towards growing globalization of information and technology on the one hand and pressures to limit the globalization of the movements of immigrants and commodities on the other.

By its nature, the book will appeal to a wide international readership and is of particular value to students and researchers in a variety of fields that focus on mobility and globalization, namely, geography, business administration, economics, sociology and political science.
'This is an impressive grand sweeping book about the globalization and spatial mobility of people, capital, information and technology. It requires a great scholar such as Kellerman to bring such wide-ranging topics together in a single book.'
– Jonas Larsen, Roskilde University, Denmark
Contents: 1. Globalization and Mobility 2. Ports and Ships 3. The Global Mobility of Commodities (Exports and Imports) 4. Airports and Airplanes 5. Global Tourism and Relocation 6. International Banking and Investment Organs 7. The Global Mobility of Capital 8. Digital Media: Telephony, Radio, Television, and the Internet 9. Global Information Mobility 10. Global Transfers of Technology and Knowledge 11. Global Mobilities: Patterns and Relationships 12. Conclusion Index