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Handbook of Globalisation and Tourism

Edited by Dallen J. Timothy, School of Community Resources and Development, Arizona State University, US
Globalization entails the world becoming a smaller place through political, socio-cultural and economic processes. These processes have salient implications for tourism, and tourism itself is one of the driving forces behind globalization. This book is a collection of conceptual treatises by international scholars about the dynamics and reach of globalization and its relationships with tourism. It anatomizes and deconstructs the global forces, processes and challenges that face the world of tourism. It is international in scope, encyclopedic in its conceptual depth, empirically evocative, and contemporary in its coverage.
Extent: c 560 pp
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Publication Date: December 2019
ISBN: 978 1 78643 128 8
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This comprehensive Handbook brings together conceptual contributions from leading international scholars concerning the reciprocal relations between globalisation and tourism.

Contributors deconstruct the global forces, processes and challenges that face the tourism industry, analysing the effects of neoliberalism and multinational capitalism on global tourist activity, as well as the consequences of colonialism, terrorism, warfare, climate change, modern technological advances and the rapidly changing dynamics of global mobility. International in scope and empirically evocative, this Handbook outlines and dissects the social, cultural, economic and political effects of globalisation on tourism in the 21st century.

This Handbook is critical to human geography and tourism studies scholars and researchers at all levels, particularly those interested in the relations between globalisation and tourism in an increasingly interconnected world.
‘Written by a veritable "who's who" of tourism scholars from around the world, the Handbook of Globalisation and Tourism covers a stunning range of critical themes, spanning from geopolitics to the exhausted earth, from cultural issues to innovation. This book cries out “read me”, imploring us to deepen our understanding of the multitude of ways in which tourism acts as a force of globalisation and has wide ranging impacts on people and planet.’
– Regina Scheyvens, Massey University, New Zealand

‘The globalisation of humanity on our planet has always been driven by movements from one place to another. In this way, tourism has come to be a dominant globalising force today. This timely book provides insights from leading scholars on how tourism both produces globalisation and is shaped by a rapidly shrinking world.’
– Alan A. Lew, Northern Arizona University, US

‘Professor Dallen J. Timothy has compiled a very seminal set of papers on the intersection between tourism and globalisation, a theme often overlooked in many scholarly articles and books. The contributors to this volume have produced a landmark study that will become the key reference book on the subject for many years to come and should be a key work for anyone who is interested in tourism as a globalised activity.’
– Stephen Page, University of Hertfordshire, UK
Contributors include: A. Amore, Y. Apostolopoulos, P. Arvanitis, S. Beeton, N. Čavlek, J. Connell, D.T. Duval, L. Dwyer, A. Gelbman, C.M. Hall, D.-I.D. Han, K. Hannam, J. Henry, J. Higham, Y. Jiang, H. Lemelin, J.W. Macilree, J.E. Mbaiwa, T. Mbaiwa, M. McDonald, P. Mogomotsi, M. Mostafanezhad, D.H. Olsen, M. Peters, B. Prideaux, B.W. Ritchie, C.M. Rogerson, T. Ronen, R. Sharpley, M. Sigala, G. Siphambe, S. Sonmez, J. Stephenson, W. Stovall, W. Suntikul, G. Taylor, D.J. Timothy, M.C. tom Dieck, H. Tucker, F. Vellas, S. Wearing, P. Whipp, J. Wiitala, A. Williams

Part I Globalization: Meanings and Processes
1. Introduction to the Handbook of Globalisation and Tourism
Dallen J. Timothy

2. Economic Globalization and Tourism
Larry Dwyer and Nevenka Čavlek

3. Neoliberalism and Global Tourism
Stephen Wearing, Matthew McDonald, Greig Taylor and Tzach Ronen

4. Globalization, Place-based Development and Tourism
Christian M. Rogerson

Part II Human Mobility
5. The Globalizing Force of Human Mobility
C. Michael Hall, Alberto Amore and Pavlos Arvanitis

6. Migration, Tourism and Globalization
Allan M. Williams

7. How Complex Travel, Tourism, and Transportation Networks Influence Infectious Disease Movement in a Borderless World
Sevil Sönmez, Jessica Wiitala and Yorghos Apostolopoulos

Part III Geopolitics, Security and Conflict
8. Colonialism and Its Tourism Legacies
Hazel Tucker

9. Supranationalism and Tourism: Free Trade, Customs Unions and Single Markets in an Era of Geopolitical Change
Dallen J. Timothy

10. Biological Invasion, Biosecurity, Tourism and Globalisation
C. Michael Hall

11. Terrorism and the New Security Agenda
Bruce Prideaux

12. Tourism and War: Global Perspectives
Wantanee Suntikul

13. Tourism, Peace and Global Stability
Alon Gelbman

Part IV The Exhausted Earth: Population and Environmental Challenges
14. Global Population Dynamics: Implications for Tourism and Development
Richard Sharpley

15. Prepared for Take-off? Anthropogenic Climate Change and the Global Challenge of 21st Century Tourism
Will Stovall, James Higham and Janet Stephenson

16. Tourism, Globalization and Natural Disasters
Brent W. Ritchie and Yawei Jiang

17. Globalisation, Tourism and Ecosystems Management
Joseph E. Mbaiwa, Patricia Mfogomotsi, Tsholofelo Mbaiwa and Gladys Siphambe

Part V Innovation and Technology
18. Globalisation, Innovation and Tourism
Mike Peters and Francois Vellas

19. Globalisation and Transportation Innovation
David Timothy Duval and John MaCilree

20. Tourism and Augmented Reality: Trends, Implications and Future Directions
M. Claudia tom Dieck and Dai-In Han

21. The Light and Dark Sides of Social Media in Tourism Experiences, Tourists’ Behavior and Well-being
Marianna Sigala

22. Smart Cities, Smart Tourism and Smart Mobilities
Kevin Hannam

Part VI Cultural Issues and Contemporary Mobility Trends
23. Religion, Spirituality and Pilgrimage in a Globalizing World
Daniel H. Olsen

24. Globalization, Tourism and Pop Culture
Sue Beeton

25. The Geopolitics of Volunteer Tourism
Jacob Henry and Mary Mostafanezhad

26. Medical Mobility and Tourism
John Connell

27. Last Chance Tourism: A Decade in Review
Harvey Lemelin and Paul Whipp

28. Globalization: The Shrinking World of Tourism
Dallen J. Timothy