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Handbook of Research on Customer Engagement

Edited by Linda D. Hollebeek, Senior Associate Professor, Montpellier Business School (Montpellier Research in Management), France, Full Professor, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia and Associate Professor, NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Norway and David E. Sprott, Marketing and Dean, College of Business, University of Wyoming, US
Customer engagement is now a critical research priority in contemporary marketing. In this Handbook, a cadre of international scholars offer an overview of current research on this rapidly growing field of study.
Extent: c 560 pp
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Publication Date: November 2019
ISBN: 978 1 78811 488 2
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Customer engagement is now a critical research priority in contemporary marketing. In this Handbook, a cadre of international scholars offer an overview of current research on this rapidly growing field of study.

Providing vital insights into current theoretical and practical treatments of customer engagement, chapters engage with a broad cross-section of state-of-the-art research. Covering the importance of customer engagement in broader marketing practices, conceptual relationships, organizational performance and networks, this Handbook grapples with both conceptual and empirical research to offer insight into current and rapidly emerging research issues.

Featuring a broad theoretical scope, this Handbook attends to a rapidly growing international community of researchers in customer engagement. Scholars from related fields, including management, economics and sociology will also benefit from the range of applications of customer engagement research. This book is also crucial for marketing managers looking to improve and refine marketing environments.
Contributors include: T.L. Baker, S.E. Beatty, R.N. Bolton, K. Burns, B.J. Calder, J.D. Chandler, D. Chasanidou, C. Costley, D. Cox, K. de Ruyter, L. Dessart, M. Ehret, P.W. Fombelle, A. Fjuk, D. Grewal, C. Gurău, K.L. Hall, W. Hammedi, M. Hammerschmidt, B. Henkens, L.D. Hollebeek, A. Hyder, J.U. Islam, I. Jain, L.W. Johnson, K. Johnston, A. Karahasanović, C. Kazanis, D.I. Keeling, S.J. Kim, V. Kumar, C.R. Lages, A. Lane, C. Leckie, T. LeClercq, S. Leroi-Werelds, K. Macky, E.C. Malthouse, J. Marbach, E. Maslowska, J. Napoli, D. Novikova, M. Nyadzayo, R. Ouschan, V. Pitardi, I. Poncin, N. Puccinelli, Z. Rahman, N.B. Razavi, O. Regalado-Pezúa, A.L. Roggeveen, B. Runnalls, E.B. T.P. Scholdra, Schweiger, N. Sivertstol, D.E. Sprott, S. Streukens, T. Taguchi, J. Turkington, S. Tuzovic, A. van Riel, K. Verleye, N. Vijverman, V. Viswanathan, S.D. Vivek, C.M. Voorhees, W.H. Weiger, J. Wirtz


Part One: Consumer Engagement and Marketing Practice
Introduction: Customer Engagement and Marketing Practice
V.K. Kumar

1. Engagement-to-Value (E2V): An Empirical Case Study
Debbie Keeling, Ko de Ruyter and David Cox

2. Boosting Customer Engagement through Gamification: A Customer Engagement Marketing Approach
Sandra Streukens, Sara Leroi-Werelds, Allard van Riel and Daria Novikova

3. Applying Design Thinking to Innovate, Validate, and Implement New Digital Services
Njal Sivertstøl and Annita Fjuk

4. Online Reviews as Customers’ Dialogues with and about Brands
Ewa Maslowska, Edward Malthouse, Su Jung Kim & Vijay Viswanathan

5. Engagement and Technology as Key Enablers for a Circular Economy
Nicholas Vijverman, Bieke Henkens, and Katrien Verleye

Part Two: Consumer Engagement and Conceptual Relationships
Ruth Bolton

6. How In-Store Retail Atmospheric Elements Create Customer Engagement
Elisa Schweiger, Anne L. Roggeveen, Dhruv Grewal, and Nancy Puccinelli

7. Customer Engagement: The Role of Gamification
Wafa Hammedi, Thomas LeClercq and Ingrid Poncin

8. Giving or Receiving in Social Media: Can Content Marketing Simultaneously Drive Productive and Consumptive Engagement?
Welf Weiger, Maik Hammerschmidt and Thomas P. Scholdra

9. Story-Based Consumer Engagement: A Conceptual Framework
Laurence Dessart and Valentina Pitardi

10. Personality-Based Consumer Engagement Styles: Conceptualization, Research Propositions & Implications
Linda D. Hollebeek, Jamid Ul Islam, Keith Macky, Taskashi Taguchi and Carolyn Costley

11. Practices, Engagement, and Service Systems as a Holistic Perspective on Technological Actors
Jennifer Chandler

Part Three: Consumer Engagement and Organizational Performance
Bobby Calder

12. Review of Engagement Drivers for an Instrument to Measure Customer Engagement Marketing Strategy
Shiri Vivek, Cynthia Kazanis and Ingita Jain

13. Positively and Negatively Valenced Customer Engagement: The Constructs and their Organizational Consequences
Julia Marbach, Niloofar Borghei Razavi, Cristiana Lages and Linda Hollebeek

14. Customer Engagement and Organizational Performance: A Service-Dominant Logic Perspective
Civilai Leckie, Munyaradzi W. Nyadzayo and Lester Johnson

15. Leveraging user generated content: A visual case analysis of Contiki’s brand co-creation campaign
Robyn Ouschan, Jay Turkington and Julie Napoli

16. A website engagement measurement for digital marketers
Antonio Hyder and Otto Regalado-Pezúa

17. Temporality of Customer Engagement in Service Innovation: A Theoretical Model
Amela Karahasanovic, Linda D. Hollebeek, Dimitra Chasanidou and Calin Gurau

Part Four: Consumer Engagement in Networked Environments
Sharon Beatty

18. The Impact of Customer Engagement Behaviors and Majority/Minority Information on the Use of Online Reviews
Thomas L. Baker, Paul Fombelle, Clay Voorhees, Kristina K.L. Hall and Blake Runnalls

19. Sharing Uncertainty Across Organizations: Service Capital and Customer Engagement for Realizing Nonownership Value
Michael Ehret and Jochen Wirtz

20. Connections and Interactions: An Engagement Perspective on Customer Networks
Kim A. Johnston and Anne B. Lane

21. The Role of Consumer Engagement in Recovering Online Service Failures: An Application of Service-Dominant Logic
Jamid Ul Islam, Zillur Rahman and Linda D. Hollebeek

22. Conceptualizing Health Consumer Engagement: An Extended Framework of Resource Integration, Co-creation and Engagement
Kara Burns and Sven Tuzovic


C. Kazanis,