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Handbook of Research on International Consumer Law, Second Edition

Edited by Geraint Howells, Dean and Chair Professor of Commercial Law, City University of Hong Kong and Barrister, Gough Square Chambers, London, Iain Ramsay, Professor of Law, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK and Thomas Wilhelmsson, Chancellor, Professor of Civil and Commercial Law, University of Helsinki, Finland
Extent: c 544 pp
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Publication Date: June 2018
ISBN: 978 1 78536 820 2
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  • Law - Academic
  • Consumer Law
  • Human Rights
  • International Economic Law, Trade Law
Consumer law and policy continues to be of great concern to both national and international regulatory bodies, and the second edition of the Handbook of Research on International Consumer Law provides an updated international and comparative analysis of the central legal and policy issues, in both developed and developing economies.

Taking a thematic approach, and yet highlighting issues in different national contexts, the Handbook explores issues which are common to all countries, such as social policy and effective business regulation, and relates consumer law to contemporary trends in human rights law.

Features of this edition:

• consideration of the potential for new regulatory complexity as a result of Brexit

• reflections on the growth of middle class consumption in Asia and Latin America and the impact that this will have on business reforms

• coverage of increasing divergence between the regulatory models of both the EU and the US

• focus on the challenges and opportunities that the digital age presents for consumer market regulation

• analysis of the significant changes in consumer credit law and policy since the financial crash of 2008.

This Handbook will provide researchers, students and policymakers with an insight to the main policy debates in differing national and sectoral contexts, and provide models of legal regulation which contribute to the evaluation and development of consumer laws and policy.

Contributors include: I. Benöhr, O. Dixon, C. Hawes, D.R. Hensler, G. Howells, D. Kingsford Smith, A. MacCulloch, H.-W. Micklitz, J.P. Nehf, J. Niemi, L. Nottage, D.G. Owen, P. Quirk, S. Rachagan, I. Ramsay, J.A. Rothchild, P. Rott, R. Schulze, C. Scott, K. Tokeley, C. Twigg-Flesner, J. Watson, T. Wilhelmsson, C. Willett



1. Consumer law in its international dimension
Geraint Howells, Iain Ramsay and Thomas Wilhelmsson

2. Consumer protection and human rights
Iris Benöhr and Hans-W. Micklitz

3. Development and consumer law
Sothi Rachagan

4. The consumer and competition law
Angus MacCulloch

5. Misleading and unfair advertising
James P. Nehf

6. Protecting rational choice: Information and the right of withdrawal
Christian Twigg-Flesner, Reiner Schulze and Jonathon Watson

7. Unfair terms and standard form contracts
Thomas Wilhelmsson and Chris Willett

8. Sales and guarantees
Cynthia Hawes and Christian Twigg-Flesner

9. Products liability law in America and Europe
Geraint Howells and David G. Owen

10. Product safety regulation
Luke Nottage

11. Consumers and services of general interest
Peter Rott and Chris Willett

12. Consumer protection and the Internet
Patrick Quirk and John A. Rothchild

13. Regulation of consumer credit
Iain Ramsay

14. Personal insolvency
Johanna Niemi

15. What next for the financial consumer: More disclosure? Caveat Vendor? Fin-tech online?
Dimity Kingsford Smith and Olivia Dixon

16. Access to Justice
Kate Tokeley

17. Using class actions to enforce consumer protection law
Deborah R. Hensler

18. Enforcing consumer protection law
Colin Scott