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Handbook of Service Marketing Research

Edited by Roland T. Rust, University of Maryland, College Park, US and Ming-Hui Huang, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
The Handbook of Service Marketing Research brings together an all-star team of leading researchers in service marketing to explore many of the hottest topics in service marketing today.
Extent: 640 pp
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Publication Date: 2014
ISBN: 978 0 85793 884 8
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Publication Date: 2015
ISBN: 978 1 78347 201 7
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The Handbook of Service Marketing Research brings together an all-star team of leading researchers in service marketing to explore many of the hottest topics in service marketing today.

Cutting-edge topics include: customer relationships and loyalty, customer-centered metrics, managing customer contacts, product and pricing, digital service marketing, rethinking the marketing function, and service for society. This book, which includes authors from both academia and industry, will provide academics with an invaluable current view of the field and practitioners with a window into the latest academic thinking.

With chapters from internationally renowned contributors, this comprehensive yet concise Handbook will appeal to service marketing academics, researchers and service practitioners.
‘This is an essential resource for managers and scholars interested in services marketing. It covers the topic comprehensively and in novel ways. All the luminaries in the field are represented. Buy this book and you will be up to date on the field.’
– Valarie Zeithaml, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Kenan-Flagler Business School, US
Contributors: M. Archpru Akaka, L. Aksoy, L. Anderson, T.W. Andreassen, S.F.M. Beckers, M.J. Bitner, R.N. Bolton, A. Buoye, J.W. Choi, R.M. Christopher, T.S. Chung, T.S. Dagger, P.S. Danaher, A. De Keyser, C. Dev, B. Edvardsson, S. Fay, R.P. Fisk, C. Frennea, A. Gustafsson, M.-H. Huang, C. Ishida, P.K. Kannan, T.L. Keiningham, P. Kristensson, V. Kumar, S.K. Kwan, T. van Laer, B. Larivière, R.F. Lusch, D. Mathras, H. Melton, V. Mittal, R.L. Oliver, A.L. Ostrom, P. Patterson, W. Reinartz, H. Risselada, R.T. Rust, K. de Ruyter, C. Schulze, S.M. Shugan, B. Skiera, J. Spohrer, S. Streukens, S.A. Taylor, B. Tronvoll, W. Ulaga, N. Umashankar, S.L. Vargo, P.C. Verhoef, H.S. Wang, M. Wedel, R.A. Westbrook, L. Williams, L. Witell, J. Xie, T. Yu

1. Service Marketing Research: Emerging Directions
Roland T. Rust and Ming-Hui Huang

2. Building Long-Term Relationships between Service Organizations and Customers
Ruth N. Bolton and Ranjit M. Christopher

3. Loyalty: Its Many Sources and Variations
Lerzan Aksoy, Timothy L. Keiningham and Richard L. Oliver

4. A Comparison of Relationship Marketing Models
Tracey S. Dagger and Peter S. Danaher

5. Loyalty: Its Biogenic, Psychological and Social Origins: Answering the Question of ‘Why Y?’”
Richard L. Oliver

6. Customer Engagement: A New Frontier in Customer Value Management
Sander F.M. Beckers, Hans Risselada and Peter C. Verhoef

7. Customer-Based Valuation: Similarities and Differences to Traditional Discounted Cash Flow Models
Bernd Skiera and Christian Schulze

8. CRM Metrics and Strategies to Enhance Performance in Service Industries
V. Kumar, Nita Umashankar and Jee Won (Brianna) Choi

9. It’s Not Your Score that Matters: The Importance of Relative Metrics
Timothy L. Keiningham, Lerzan Aksoy, Arne De Keyser, Bart Larivière, Alexander Buoye and Luke Williams

10. The Satisfaction Profit Chain
Carly Frennea, Vikas Mittal and Robert A. Westbrook

11. Service Encounters in Service Marketing Research
Mary Jo Bitner and Helen Si Wang

12. Frontline Employees and Performance: Optimizing the Frontline, Maximizing the Bottom Line
Sandra Streukens and Tor W. Andreassen

13. Are You (Appropriately) Experienced?: Service-Sales Ambidexterity
Ko de Ruyter, Paul Patterson and Ting Yu

14. The Pricing of Services
Steven M. Shugan

15. Marketing Innovation: Probabilistic Goods and Probabilistic Selling
Jinhong Xie and Scott Fay

16. New Service Development from the Perspective of Value Co-Creation in a Service System
Bo Edvardsson, Anders Gustafsson, Per Kristensson, Bard Tronvoll and Lars Witell

17. Hybrid Offerings: Research Avenues for Implementing Service Growth Strategies
Werner Reinartz and Wolfgang Ulaga

18. Adaptive Personalization of Mobile Information Services
Tuck Siong Chung and Michel Wedel

19. It’s the Social, Stupid!: Leveraging the 4C Markers of Social in Online Service Delivery
Ko de Ruyter and Tom van Laer

20. A Meta-Analytic Investigation of the Antecedents of Digital Privacy
Steven A. Taylor, Chiharu Ishida and Horace Melton

21. Rethinking the Roles of Marketing and Operations: A Service Ecosystem View
Stephen L. Vargo, Robert F. Lusch and Melissa Archpru Akaka

22. Marketing: A Service Science and Arts Perspective
Jim Spohrer, Stephen K. Kwan and Raymond P. Fisk

23. Hospitality Marketing and Branding Research: Insights from a Specific Service Context
Chekitan Dev

24. Transformative Service Research: An Emerging Sub-Field Focusing on Service and Well-being
Amy L. Ostrom, Daniele Mathras and Laurel Anderson

25. Creating Social Value through Citizen Co-Creation
P.K. Kannan