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Handbook on Regional Economic Resilience

Edited by Gillian Bristow and Adrian Healy, School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University, UK
This Handbook provides a collection of high quality contributions on the state of the art in current debates around the concept of regional economic resilience. It provides critical contributions from leading authors in the field, and captures both key theoretical debates around the meaning of resilience, its conceptual framing and utility, as well as empirical interrogation of its key determinants in different international contexts.
Extent: c 320 pp
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Publication Date: February 2020
ISBN: 978 1 78536 085 5
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  • Economics and Finance
  • Regional Economics
  • Geography
  • Economic Geography
This timely Handbook addresses one of the most pertinent questions of the 21st century: why are some regions more economically resilient than others?

Contributors provide a state-of-the-art collection on the meaning of resilience when applied to regional economies, offering a range of methodological approaches and rich empirical analyses of regions around the world. Chapters feature in depth examinations of regional resilience in such fields as policy practice, exports, economic shocks and supranational structural funds. Giving readers an insight into ways in which economic resilience is measured, this Handbook explores key theoretical debates and emerging pathways for the application of resilience in policy and practice.

Comprehensive and deeply informative, this Handbook is crucial to researchers working in economic geography and regional studies who require insight into the breadth of debate on regional economic resilience. Practitioners and policy makers working in regional economic development will also benefit from its broad empirical approach to resilience.
‘Resilience is a now a significant concept that helps us explain why regions can weather economic shocks. This Handbook draws together a team of leading scholars, exploring the role and impact of shocks on the economic development trajectories of regions. It represents an excellent gateway for those seeking to understand the theories, measurement and analysis of regional economic resilience.’
– Robert Huggins, Cardiff University, UK
Contributors include: P. Benczur, E. Beqiraj, G. Bristow, J. Courvisanos, M. Cowell, G. Di Bartolomeo, P. di Caro, M. Di Pietro, D. Diodato, E. Evenhuis, R. Hassink, A. Healy, X. Hu, A. Jain, E. Joosens, T. Kitsos, A.R. Manca, K.R. Mardaneh, R. Martin, B. Menyhert, N. Pontarollo, Y. Psycharis, C. Serpieri, P. Sunley, V. Tselios, M. Tsiapa, J. Vincente, A. Weterings, S. Zec

1. Introduction to the Handbook on Regional Economic Resilience
Gillian Bristow and Adrian Healy

Part I Concepts and Theory: Conceptualising Regional Economic Resilience
2. Regional Economic Resilience: Evolution and Evaluation
Ron Martin and Peter Sunley

3. Regional Resilience: an Agency Perspective
Gillian Bristow and Adrian Healy

4. Adaptation, Adaptability and Regional Economic Resilience: a Conceptual Framework
Xiaohui Hu and Robert Hassink

5. New Directions in Researching Regional Economic Resilience and Adaptation
Emil Evenhuis

Part II Measuring Regional Economic Resilience
6. Quo Vadis Resilience? Measurement and Policy Challenges: Using the Case of Italy
Paolo di Caro

7. Ranking Regional Economic Resilience in the EU
Nicola Pontarollo and Caroline Serpieri

8. A Guide to Patterns of Regional Economic Resilience
Jerry Courvisanos, Karim K. Mardaneh and Ameeta Jain

9. Building a Policy Relevant Resilience Measure: Beyond the Economic Perspective
Peter Benczur, Elisabeth Joossens, Anna Rita Manca, Balint Menyhert, Slavica Zec

10. Putting Adaptive Resilience to Work: Measuring Regional Re-orientation Using a Matching Model
Dario Diodato and Anet Weterings

11. Economic Resilience in Great Britain: an Empirical Analysis at the Local Authority District Level
Tasos Kitsos

Part III The Empirical Analysis of Regional Resilience
12. Unravelling the Driving Forces of Networks on Regional Resilience Capabilities
Jérôme Vicente

13. Exports and Regional Resilience: Evidence from Greece
Yannis Psycharis, Maria Tsiapa, Vassilis Tselios

14. Resilience in Regional Business Cycles across the Benelux
Elton Beqiraj, Giovanni Di Bartolomeo, Marco Di Pietro and Carolina Serpieri

15. Interpreting and Defining Economic Resilience: Regional Resilience in Policy Practice
Margaret Cowell

16. Supranational Policy and Economic Shocks: The Role of the EU’s Structural Funds in the Economic Resilience of Regions
Adrian Healy and Gillian Bristow

17. Conclusions and Reflections
Gillian Bristow and Adrian Healy