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How to Get Published in the Best Entrepreneurship Journals

A Guide to Steer Your Academic Career Edited by Alain Fayolle, Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director, Entrepreneurship Research Centre, EMLYON Business School, Ecully, France and Mike Wright, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director, Centre for Management Buyout Research, Imperial College Business School, London, UK
Competition to publish in the top journals is fierce. This book provides entrepreneurship researchers with relevant material and insights to support them in their efforts to publish their research in the most prestigious entrepreneurship outlets.
Extent: 288 pp
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Publication Date: 2014
ISBN: 978 1 78254 061 8
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  • Business and Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Research Methods in Business and Management
Competition to publish in the top journals is fierce. This book provides entrepreneurship researchers with relevant material and insights to support them in their efforts to publish their research in the most prestigious entrepreneurship outlets.

This essential guide to publishing in entrepreneurship brings together a wealth of contributors, all of whom have published in the leading entrepreneurship journals. Based on their experiences as researchers and editors, they bring useful hands-on advice and insight into the research publication process.

Both fledgling and experienced entrepreneurship faculty members will find this an essential resource as they strive towards publication in A-ranked entrepreneurship or management journals.
‘This book should be required for all doctoral students studying entrepreneurship, and it will be very helpful to junior faculty in entrepreneurship and those transitioning to the field as well. Valuable insights are provided for publishing various types of articles (for example, literature reviews, qualitative research, cases, and so on) in top journals focusing on entrepreneurship, general management, and related disciplines.’
– Gary Castrogiovanni, Florida Atlantic University, US

‘The wisdom and guidance provided by this stellar group of authors will be invaluable to scholars, especially those seeking to publish entrepreneurship research in top journals. The diversity of content is also exciting; for example, the inclusion of publication ethics and how to publish cases. Hopefully, this will become a much-used resource and help to reduce current high desk rejection rates.’
– D. Ray Bagby, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

‘This book fills a critical need in the field. It is co-edited by two highly respected and accomplished entrepreneurship scholars, and the chapters are prepared by seasoned authors who provide the knowledge of how to publish research in the top entrepreneurship journals. Publication in these journals has become highly competitive, with only a small percentage of the submitted manuscripts accepted. As such, this is a highly valuable treatise for entrepreneurship scholars and PhD students. It should be required reading for all entrepreneurship researchers.’
– Michael A. Hitt, Texas A&M University, US

‘Life would have been so much easier had I had the benefit of this terrific book. It provides concrete and actionable advice on all aspects of publishing in the field of entrepreneurship, and indeed other domains of management. It counsels young researchers on how to develop and formulate research questions, how to integrate them into the existing literature and to highlight their contribution, and how to build and argue sound hypotheses. It provides insight and guidance for conducting both quantitative and qualitative research. It even shows which journals might be most useful for scholars aiming to “up their game”. There is no question that the sound advice given here by Audretsch, Corbett, Fayolle, Honig, Wright and other stars in the field will focus readers on the essentials so vital in today’s highly competitive and ever more exacting publishing environment.’
– From the foreword by Danny Miller

‘Throughout its 14 chapters, How to Get Published in the Best Entrepreneurship Journals addresses various aspects of academic publishing and provides entrepreneurship scholars with valuable insights into publishing through the top-level entrepreneurship outlets. Drawing on the wisdom and advice of well-respected entrepreneurship scholars, the book serves both as an essential guide for PhDstudents and as a valuable resource for established scholars.’
– Pekka Stenholm, International Small Business Journal
Contributors: D. Ahlstrom, D. Audretsch, M. Baucus, R. Blackburn, G. Bruton, C. Carson, A. Corbett, N. Coviello, P. Davidsson, D. Dimov, A. Fayolle, H. Frank, I. Hatak, B. Honig, S. Jones, F. Lohrke, H. Neergaard, F. Welter, M. Wright

1. Thinking and Writing for Scholarly Publication in Entrepreneurship
Alain Fayolle

2. Getting Published in Entrepreneurship Journals
Mike Wright

3. The Review Process
Mike Wright

4. Getting Published – and Cited in Entrepreneurship: Reflections on Ten Papers
Per Davidsson

5. From Idea to Publication: Managing the Research Process
Robert Blackburn and Friederike Welter

6. Doing a Research Literature Review
Hermann Frank and Isabella Hatak

7. Ethics and Publishing in Entrepreneurship Research
Benson Honig

8. Moving from the Periphery to the Inner Circle: Getting Published from your Thesis
Sally Jones and Helle Neergaard

9. Do European Scholars have Specific Problems to get Published in Anglo-Saxon Journals?
Dimo Dimov

10. How to Publish Qualitative Entrepreneurship Research in Top Journals
Nicole Coviello

11. Laying the Foundations for Asia Focused Research Through Qualitative Research
David Ahlstrom and Garry Bruton

12. Publishing Cases in Entrepreneurship Journals
Franz Lohrke, Melissa Baucus and Charles Carson

13. Getting Published in Entrepreneurship Policy
David Audretsch

14. Positioning Entrepreneurship Research for General Management Journals
Andrew Corbett