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How to Get Published in the Best Management Journals

Edited by Timothy Clark, Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Durham University Business School, Durham University, UK, Mike Wright, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director, Centre for Management Buyout Research, Imperial College Business School, London, UK and Visiting Professor, University of Ghent, Belgium and ETH Zurich, Switzerland and David J. Ketchen, Jr., Lowder Eminent Scholar, Raymond J. Harbert College of Business, Auburn University, US
This much-anticipated book is a comprehensive guide to a successful publishing strategy. Written by top journal editors, it introduces the publishing process, resolves practical issues, encourages the right methods and offers tips for navigating the review process, understanding journals and publishing across disciplinary boundaries. As if that weren’t enough it includes key contributions on open access, publishing ethics, making use of peer review, special issues, sustaining a publications career, journal rankings and increasing your odds of publishing success. This will be a must read for anyone seeking to publish in top journals.
Extent: 320 pp
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Publication Date: 2016
ISBN: 978 1 78471 467 3
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Publication Date: 2017
ISBN: 978 1 78643 761 7
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  • Business and Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Research Methods in Business and Management
  • Strategic Management
An increasing number of universities around the globe are rewarding faculty who place their work in top management journals. Drawing on the insights from top journal editors and leading scholars in the field, this book is a treasure trove of tips for publishing in the best management journals.

The topics covered include the mysteries of the review process, getting your methodology right, publishing across disciplinary boundaries, the rise of open access journals, publishing ethics, making use of peer review, targeting special issues, sustaining a publications career, and making sense of journal rankings.

Drawing on the considerable experience of its authors, and offering candid insights that are often held as secrets among senior faculty, this book takes the reader behind the scenes of the journal review process, making it a must-read for those seeking to advance their career.
‘For many, the process of publishing in the best management journals is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Even when they are successful, they are never sure why. And too often rejections hurt, but don’t provide insight about how to increase the likelihood of success. This book begins to unwrap this enigma by describing the process and providing practical guidance that scholars at all levels can use to navigate this intellectual minefield. I wish I had this book earlier in my career.’
– Jay B. Barney, University of Utah, US

‘Scholars seek to have their work published in the top journals, both because these elite outlets provide the most visible platforms for research products and because they confer stature on the authors and their institutions. Of course, getting published in the top journals is known to be devilishly difficult. This book, How to Get Published in the Best Management Journals, consisting of chapters written by premier, highly accomplished scholars from around the world, provides invaluable insights – ranging from the philosophical and motivational to the tactical and nitty-gritty. I wish this book had existed when I was starting out, and I will be encouraging my students and colleagues to dig into it.’
– Donald C. Hambrick, Pennsylvania State University, US
Contributors: P. Andries, Y. Baruch, D.D. Bergh, S.K. Bhaumik, B.K. Boyd, M.R. Buckley, P. Budhwar, T. Clark, J.G. Combs, D. Cumming, S. Estrin, G.R. Ferris, D. Gioia, B. Harley, M.A. Hitt, G.P. Hodgkinson, R.D. Ireland, F.W. Kellermanns. D.J. Ketchen Jr., B.T. Lamont, A. Leiponen, B.R. Martin, W. Mitchell, T. Pederson, P.L. Perrewé, A.L. Ranft, P.L. Roth, A.D. Smith, C.C. Snow, W.H. Starbuck, W.H. Stewart Jr., S. Tallman, S. Toms, R. Van Dick, G. Wood, M. Wright, D.W. Yiu


1. Publishing in Management – Exhilaration, Bafflement and Frustration
Timothy Clark, Mike Wright and David J. Ketchen, Jr.

2. The Publishing Process: A Case Study
Petra Andries and Mike Wright

3. Getting Published: An Editorial and Journal Ranker’s Perspective
Geoffrey Wood and Pawan Budhwar

4. Ethics and Integrity in Publishing
Ben R. Martin

5. Sustaining a Publications Career
Mike Wright

6. Why Publish in Asia Management Journals?
Daphne W. Yiu

7. Squeezing Lemons to Make Fresh Lemonade: How To Extract Useful Value From Peer Reviews
William H. Starbuck

8. Rules of the Game
Denny Gioia

9. Learning by Walking Through the Snow
R. Duane Ireland

10. Suggestions for Strengthening the Discussion Section and Increasing Your Odds of Publication Success
Donald D. Bergh

11. You Miss 100% of the Shots you Don't Take
Annette L. Ranft and Anne D. Smith

12. Why I Don't Want to Co-Author With You and What You Can Do About It
David J. Ketchen

13. Are Your Results Really Robust?
Bruce T. Lamont

14. The Reviewers Don’t Like My Sample! What Can I Do?
Brian K. Boyd

15. When Being Normal Is Not Enough: A Few Thoughts About Data, Analyses and (The Storm of) Re-Analyses
Philp L. Roth and Wayne H. Stewart Jr.

16. Selling Your Soul to the Devil? Mistakes Authors Make When Responding to Reviewers
Pamela L. Perrewé

17. Respond To Me – Please!
James G. Combs

18. Challenging the Gods: Circumstances Justifying the Protest of a Journal Rejection Decision
Gerald R. Ferris

19. Publishing in the Top Journals: The Secrets for Success
Michael A. Hitt

20. Hitting Your Preferred Target: Positioning Papers for Different Types of Journals
Yehuda Baruch

21. Targeting Journals: A Personal Jounrey
Franz W. Kellermanns

22. Read the Damn Article: The Appropriate Place of Journal Lists in Organizational Science Scholarship
M. Ronald Buckley

23. Publishing in Special Issues
Timothy Clark

24. Using New Media to Promote and Extend Published Work
Aija Leiponen and Will Mitchell

25. Should You Publish in an Open-Access Journal?
Charles C. Snow

26. Publishing in Finance Versus Entrepreneurship / Management Journals
Douglas Cumming

27. Publishing in Management Journals: How is it Different from Economics Journals
Saul Estrin and Sumon Kumar Bhaumik

28. Publishing in Management Journals as a Social Psychologist
Rolf Van Dick

29. Publishing Historical Papers in Management Journals and in Business History Journals
Steven Toms

30. Publishing Human Resource Management Research in Different Kinds of Journals
Bill Harley

31. Publishing in Top International Business and Management Journals
Stephen Tallman and Torben Pederson

32. Publishing at the Interfaces of Psychology and Strategic Management
Gerard P. Hodgkinson