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Industrial Clusters, Upgrading and Innovation in East Asia

Edited by Akifumi Kuchiki, Nihon University and Masatsugu Tsuji, Faculty of Economics, Kobe International University, Japan
This lucid and informative book analyzes the problem of clusters in transition through studies of agglomerations at different stages of development in various East Asian countries.
In Association with the Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO
Extent: 320 pp
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Publication Date: 2011
ISBN: 978 0 85793 512 0
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This lucid and informative book analyzes the problem of clusters in transition through studies of agglomerations at different stages of development in various East Asian countries.

The contributors reconsider industrial cluster policy within a more dynamic and long-term framework, and explore how regional transformations can bring new insights to the theory of agglomeration and innovation. By identifying the factors and policies to promote upgrading, the authors establish the theoretical and policy basis for transforming industrial clusters from production-oriented to innovation-oriented agglomerations. They also study the important structural changes in the region, such as FTAs and the role of the WTO, and the consequent effects on clusters.

Researchers and students of Asian economics, industrial clusters and innovation will find this incisive book invaluable. It will also prove to be a compelling read for policymakers in developing countries or international development organizations.
Contributors: V. Ammarapala, P. Chongphaisal, T. Gokan, X. He, B. Hu, C. Jeenanunta, Y. Kameyama, S. Komolavanij, A. Kuchiki, R. Liu, S.D. Meyanathan, S. Miyahara, M. Suzuki, M. Tsuji

1. Introduction
Masatsugu Tsuji and Akifumi Kuchiki

2. On the Sequence of Steps in Clustering Policy for Creating Spatial Advantages
Akifumi Kuchiki and Toshitaka Gokan

3. Promoting Regional Integration through Industrial Cluster Policy in CLMV Cities
Akifumi Kuchiki

4. Export Processing Zones and the WTO SCM Agreement
Motoyoshi Suzuki

5. Thai Regional Free Trade Agreements (FTA) and their Effect on the Automotive Industry in Thailand
Somrote Komolavanij, Chawalit Jeenanunta, Pornpimol Chongphaisal and Veeris Ammarapala

6. Case Study of Laos: Prospects for a Vientiane Special Economic Zone
Motoyoshi Suzuki

7. Industrial Upgrading: Cluster Development in the Malaysian Electronics Industry
Saha Dhevan Meyanathan

8. The Interaction between the High-tech Industrial Cluster and its Surrounding Universities: The Case of Wuhan ‘Optical Valley’ Industrial Cluster
Bei Hu and Rongzhi Liu

9. Interaction between Transnational Corporations and Local Government on Industry Clusters in China: The Case of the Automobile Industry
Xiyou He

10. Effects of Technological Networks of Small and Medium-sized Firms on their R&D Activities in Shihwa Industrial Complex, Korea: Toward Industrial Cluster Formation and Regional Integration
Yoshihiro Kameyama

11. Agglomeration and Local Innovation Networks in Japanese SMEs: Analysis of the Information Linkage
Masatsugu Tsuji and Syoichi Miyahara