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Internationalization, Entrepreneurship and the Smaller Firm

Evidence from Around the World Edited by Marian V. Jones, Professor of International Enterprise, The University of Sheffield Management School, UK, Pavlos Dimitratos, Assistant Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece and Senior Research Fellow (on a visiting basis), CIER, Business School, University of Glasgow, UK, Margaret Fletcher, Research Fellow, CIER, Department of Management, University of Glasgow, UK and Stephen Young, Emeritus Professor of International Business and Co-Director, CIER, Department of Management, University of Glasgow, UK
This forward-looking volume contains state-of-the-art analysis of the current research themes and challenges influencing the internationalization of SMEs.
Extent: 264 pp
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Publication Date: 2009
ISBN: 978 1 84720 830 9
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  • Business and Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business
This forward-looking volume contains state-of-the-art analysis of the current research themes and challenges influencing the internationalization of SMEs.

The editors have brought together perspectives from both academics and practitioners, who in turn use theoretical and empirical studies to identify gaps in research evidence, present case studies of internationalizing SMEs, and illustrate potential for future research. The book features some of the best known researchers in the field of international entrepreneurship, and combines a range of theoretical perspectives – including network and social capital, internationalization process, and international new venture frameworks as well as knowledge, learning and absorptive capacity paradigms.

This timely study will appeal strongly to academics, researchers and students focusing on business and management, international business, entrepreneurship and international marketing. It will also provide important insights for international entrepreneurs and policy-makers.
‘This book, on the important subject of internationalization and entrepreneurship with the concentration on the smaller firm, is a standout in a field that has many excellent offerings. . . This book is well organized, substantive, and highly readable. Recommended.’
– C.J. Talele, Choice
Contributors: G. Balachandran, J. Bell, L. Casulli, I. Deligianni, P. Dimitratos, M. Fletcher, K.I.N. Ibeh, J.E. Johnson, M.V. Jones, M. Karafyllia, S. Loane, T.K. Madsen, R.B. McNaughton, A. Morgan-Thomas, E. Plakoyiannaki, S. Prashantham, E.S. Rasmussen, P. Servais, J. Slow, Y.K. Tang, S. Young


1. Introduction. SME Internationalization: Current Themes of Study and Modern Challenges
Marian V. Jones, Pavlos Dimitratos, Margaret Fletcher and Stephen Young

2. Does Entry Mode Matter? Reviewing Current Themes and Perspectives
Marian V. Jones and Stephen Young

3. Exploring Opportunity Creation in Internationalizing SMEs: Evidence from Scottish Firms
Lucrezia Casulli

4. Growth and Learning Spillovers from International Markets: Empirical Evidence from Greek Firms
Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki and Ioanna Deligianni

5. Perspectives on the Interrelationships Between Domestic and International Markets for the Smaller Firm
Maria Karafyllia

6. Learning Processes in the Development of Absorptive Capacity of Internationalizing SMEs
Margaret Fletcher

7. Clients as a ‘Hidden’ Resource in Rapid Internationalization
Sharon Loane and Jim Bell

8. Networks and the Internationalization of Firms: What We Believe and What We Might Have Missed
Yee Kwan Tang

9. The Development of E-Commerce and the International Growth of Established SMEs: A Capability Perspective
Anna Morgan-Thomas

10. Core Rigidities of Micromultinationals: The Scottish Experience
Pavlos Dimitratos, Jeffrey E. Johnson, Kevin I.N. Ibeh and Jonathan Slow

11. The International Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurial Orientation of Local and Global Firms
Erik S. Rasmussen, Tage K. Madsen and Per Servais

12. Local Bridging Ties and New Venture Internationalization: Exploratory Studies in Bangalore and Cambridge
Shameen Prashantham and Girish Balachandran

13. International New Ventures: A New Organizational Form?
Rod B. McNaughton

14. Conclusion. SME Internationalization: Where Do We Go From Here?
Marian V. Jones