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Probability Concepts, Dialogue and Beliefs

Edited by O.F. Hamouda, Professor of Economics, York University, Canada and J.C.R. Rowley, Professor of Economics, McGill University, Canada
Extent: 576 pp
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Publication Date: 1997
ISBN: 978 1 85898 436 0
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  • Economics and Finance
  • Econometrics
  • Public Finance
Contributors include: D. Dubois, C. Genest, M. Goldstein, B.O. Koopman, D.V. Lindley, P.A. Morris, G. Shafer, L.A. Zadeh
Contents: Series Introduction by Omar F. Hamouda and J.C.R. Rowley Introduction: ‘Probability Concepts, Dialogue and Beliefs’ by Omar F. Hamouda and J.C.R. Rowley Part I: Concepts of Probability and Statistics Part II: Elucidation and Calibration Part III: Bayesian Dialogue and Group Decisions Part IV: Beliefs – Support and Reliability Part V: Possibilities and Fuzziness Name Index