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Regions and Innovation Policies in Europe

Learning from the Margins Edited by Manuel González-López, Associate Professor in Applied Economics, ICEDE Research Group, University of Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain and Bjørn T. Asheim, Professor in Economic Geography and Innovation Theory, University of Stavanger Business School and the Stavanger Centre for Innovation Research, University of Stavanger, Norway
Offering a novel contribution within the growing field of regional innovation policies, this book combines recent theoretical developments and empirical contributions, with a particular focus on non-core regions. Leading academics in the field discuss the topics of regional path transformation, place-based strategies and policy learning. Also included are sections on the role of EU institutions on the promotion of regional innovation and the analysis and comparison of the innovation policies experiences of four non-core European regions.
Extent: c 256 pp
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Publication Date: April 2020
ISBN: 978 1 78990 415 4
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A novel contribution to the growing field of regional innovation policies, this timely book combines recent theoretical developments and empirical contributions. With a keen focus on non-core regions, some of the top scholars in the field discuss the topics of regional path transformation, place-based strategy and policy learning.

Analysing the role of EU institutions, the book includes a thematic section on EU regional and innovation policies as well as four key case studies of peripheral European regions, Galicia, Apulia, Malopolska and Agder. By analysing these case studies, the authors offer advice on how to improve regional innovation policies and systems within a modern context, where smart specialisation dominates and competitiveness is increasingly relevant.

EU studies, innovation and regional studies scholars will appreciate the blend of empirical evidence and theory. It will also be useful to policy-makers in charge of innovation policies at regional as well as EU level.
Contributors include: A. Arrona, B.T. Asheim, E. Baier, C.A.M. del Carmen Sánchez-Carreira, I. Dileo, J. Gancarczyk, M. Gancarczyk, M. González-López, R. Hassink, A. Isaksen, J. Karlsen, R.N.S.S.J.P. Knudsen, M. Larrea, F. Losurdo, M. Najda-Janoszka, Ó. Rodil-Marzábal, M. Trippl, X.V.-D.P. Varela-Vázquez, A. Zenker, 


Manuel González-López and Bjørn T. Asheim

1. The Role of the Regional Innovation System Approach in Contemporary Regional Policy: Is it still relevant in a Globalised World?
Bjørn T. Asheim, Arne Isaksen and Michaela Trippl

2. Advancing Place-Based Regional Innovation Policies
Robert Hassink

3. Policy learning in regions: the potential of co-generative research methodologies to help responsible innovation
Ainhoa Arrona, James Karlsen and Miren Larrea

4. Regional Autonomy and Innovation Policy
Elisabeth Baier and Andrea Zenker

5. EU Regional Development Policy, from Regional Convergence to Development through Innovation
Cristina Ares

6 . An overview of the European Union innovation policy from the regional perspective
María del Carmen Sánchez-Carreira

7. Regional Innovation Systems and regional disparities in the Euro area: insights for regional innovation policy.
Óscar Rodil-Marzábal and Xavier Vence-Deza

8. The effects of projects funded by the EU Framework Programmes on regional innovation and scientific performance
Pedro Varela-Vázquez and Manuel González-López

9. Evolution and change of the Galician innovation system and policies
Manuel González-López 

10. The evolution of regional innovation policy in a peripheral area. The case of Apulia region
Ivano Dileo and Francesco Losurdo

11. Regional Innovation System and Policy in Malopolska, Poland: An Institutionalised Learning
Marta Gancarczyk, Marta Najda-Janoszka and Jacek Gancarczyk

12. The Agder region: An innovation policy case study
Roger Normann, Sissel Strickert and Jon P Knudsen