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Research Handbook of Employment Relations in Sport

Edited by Michael Barry, Professor, Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources, Griffith University, Australia, James Skinner, Director, Institute for Sport Business, Professor of Sport Business, Loughborough University London, UK and Terry Engelberg, James Cook University, Australia
Employment relations, much discussed in other industries, has often been neglected in professional sports despite its unique characteristics. The book aims to explore in detail the unique nature of the employment relationship in professional sports and the sport industry.
Extent: 424 pp
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Publication Date: 2016
ISBN: 978 1 78347 045 7
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  • Business and Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Employment Relations
  • Economics and Finance
  • Sports
Employment relations, much discussed in other industries, has often been neglected in professional sports despite its unique characteristics. The book aims to explore in detail the unique nature of the employment relationship in professional sports and the sport industry.

In four parts the book examines, firstly the regulation of sporting competition both within and across sporting codes; secondly a range of employment law issues such as how contracting and negotiation are handled, how disputes are resolved, and the role of sporting representatives such as player associations. The third section discusses the economic issues related to employment such as transfers, drafts and efforts to achieve "competitive balance". The final section of the book explores contemporary issues in sports management and governance, including anti-discrimination and anti-doping policy.

Through this analysis the book identifies the complex and unique issues surrounding employment relations within professional sports and the sport industry.
‘A new addition to the growing area of sport-industry-specific texts, Research Handbook of Employment Relations in Sport brings to light an understudied topic in a fashion that can be easily understood by sport management or communications students, regardless of their background in academia. Whether approaching from a researcher’s or practitioner’s perspective in the sport management industry, this handbook provides a compelling case for further incorporation of employment relations (ER) scholarship into sport-industry-based research. . . . The contents of this Research Handbook are a must-read for those hoping to better understand the multitude of employment relationships happening within the sport industry. . . . This edited Research Handbook presents historical and modern issues that need to be studied and discussed by sport practitioners as the questions surrounding ER in sport happen on a continuum in sporting environments across the globe. While readers of this text may find interest in individual chapters, a complete read of the volume will provide a much more comprehensive understanding of legal, regulatory, and economic considerations that are in need of further research. . . . Through reading these texts, sport communication practitioners will better understand athletes and professionals with whom they will interact and work.​‘
– Ryan Turcott, University of Georgia, US and International Journal of Sport Communication

‘This book is a long overdue investigation of an important, but neglected, aspect of sport management. The editors have not only assembled a set of international contributors who are leaders in their respective fields, but they have also identified the employment relations issues of central concern to those studying sport management. This book should be on the shelf of every sport management researcher.’
– Barrie Houlihan, Loughborough University, UK
Contributors: J. Anderson, M. Barry, P. Bouris, C. Coupland, C.A. Depken III, J.B. Dworkin, T. Engelberg, S. Gardiner, R. Gomez, B. Keller, L.P. Masteralexis, G. Maynes, H. Mitchell, S. Moston, J.A.R. Nafziger, M. Nichol, R. Paul, P. Schuwalow, J. Skinner, J. Solow, M. Stewart, K. Vieweg, P. Von Allmen, A. Weinbach, R. Welch


1. Sidelined: Employment Relations in Professional Sports
Michael Barry, James Skinner and Terry Engelberg

2. The Regulation of Professional Football at the European Union Level. Towards Supranational Employment Relations in the Football Industry?
Berndt Keller

3. Performance Expectations, Contracts and Job Security
John Solow and Peter Von Allmen

4. Making Sense of Labour Regulation in Major League Baseball: Some Insights from Regulatory Theory
Matt Nichol

5. Regulating Player Agents
Lisa Masteralexis

6. The Evolution of Collective Bargaining in Sports
James B. Dworkin

7. Arbitration, Negotiation and Contracts in Sport
Jack Anderson

8. Industrial Action in Professional Sport: Strikes and Lockouts
Craig Depken III

9. Power Games: Understanding the True Nature of Season Ending Labour Disputes in Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League
Peter Bouris and Rafael Gomez

10. The Game of (your) Life: Professional Sports Careers
Christine Coupland

11. If you Want to Play Sport Professionally, Which Sport Should you Choose?
Greg Maynes, Heather Mitchell, Peter Schuwalow and Mark Stewart

12. Discrimination Issues and Related Law
Klaus Vieweg and James A.R. Nafziger

13. Hiding in Plain Sight: Sexual Harassment in Sport
Terry Engelberg and Stephen Moston

14. The Evolution of Anti-doping Policy: Workplace Implications for Athletes
James Skinner, Terry Engelberg and Stephen Moston

15. Player Trades, Free Agents and Transfer Polices in Professional Sport
Simon Gardiner and Roger Welch

16. Similarities and Differences Between Competitive Balance and Uncertainty of Outcome: A Simple Comparison of Recent History in the NBA and NFL
Rodney Paul and Andrew Weinbach

17. Playing Quotas
Simon Gardiner and Roger Welch