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Strategic Reconfigurations

Building Dynamic Capabilities in Rapid Innovation-based Industries Edited by Stuart Wall, former Professor of Economics and Head of Department, Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University, UK, Carsten Zimmermann, Assistant Professor of Management, University of San Diego, US, Ronald Klingebiel, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, UK and Dieter Lange, Head of Central Europe, TME, Capgemini Consulting, Germany
This path-breaking book provides unique insights into the organisational realities of strategic reconfigurations in uncertain markets, thus advancing the dynamic capability perspective.
Extent: 320 pp
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Publication Date: 2010
ISBN: 978 1 84720 476 9
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  • Industrial Organisation
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This path-breaking book provides unique insights into the organisational realities of strategic reconfigurations in uncertain markets, thus advancing the dynamic capability perspective.

Dynamic capabilities continue to excite academics. It is a perspective that promises explanations of competitive advantage, but its full potential remains somewhat hidden behind abstract notions. This eloquent volume seeks to overcome the challenge by combining the theory and practice of organisational resource configurations. Joint contributions by expert academics and business executives demystify, but also confirm, elements of the theory. Thus, the book integrates dynamic capabilities with organisational realities as well as with adjacent theories of strategic innovation and entrepreneurship.

Strategic Reconfigurations provides a guide to strategic management in turbulent times, for students, researchers, and professionals alike. Business executives in high-velocity markets will find the book invaluable.
‘In a world of ever increasing talent and ever more rapid creation of new knowledge, and in a world that is growing in complexity by the day, it is truly intriguing to learn of capabilities for success and failure in rapid innovation-based industries. The fusion of academic concepts and empirical insights make this book a source of inspiration for inquiring managers.’
– Norbert Walter, Chief Economist of Deutsche Bank and CEO of Deutsche Bank Research, Germany

‘This volume represents a most welcome and important contribution to the emergent and fast-growing dynamic capabilities view (DCV) of the firm and sustainable competitive advantage. It simultaneously helps to assess critically, integrate with a wide range of other perspectives, broaden the scope, and deepen the conceptual foundations of the DCV. In addition and importantly, it links DCV to, and contrasts it with, managerial practice. The authors’ dispassionate approach is a further plus. The editors have done an excellent job and should be congratulated for this work that should be a must-read.’
– Christos Pitelis, Reader in International Business and Competitiveness, University of Cambridge, UK
Contributors: S. Boßow-Thies, D. Breznitz, S. Düker, B. Gordon, F. Günther, M. Horn, F. Hotz, T. Hutzschenreuter, A. Kianto, R. Klingebiel, D. Lange, E.L. Madsen, I. McCarthy, B. Polat, S. Raisch, P. Ritala, D. Teece, J. Voll, S. Wall, C. Zimmermann, P. Zimmermann

David Teece

Stuart Wall, Carsten Zimmermann, Ronald Klingebiel and Dieter Lange

1. Leveraging Dynamic Capabilities: A Contingent Management Control System Approach
Ian McCarthy and Brian Gordon

2. The Impact of Opposing Governance Systems on Radical innovation: Insights from the Dynamic Capabilities View
Michael Horn and Carsten Zimmermann

3. Shaping the Context for Learning: Corporate Alignment Initiatives, Environmental Munificence and Firm Performance
Sebastian Raisch and Florian Hotz

4. The Knowledge-based Perspective on Dynamic Capabilities
Aino Kianto and Paavo Ritala

5. Strategic Management Theory and the State: Insights from the Dynamic Capabilities View
Dan Breznitz and Carsten Zimmermann

6. Resource Acquisition and Venture Survival in the Telecommunications Industry
Berna Polat

7. Growth Paths and Economic Success
Thomas Hutzschenreuter, Fabian Günther and Johannes Voll

8. Deploying Strategic Initiatives: Further Consideration of the Flexibility–Stability Balance
Ronald Klingebiel

9. A Dynamic Capability Framework: Generic Types of Dynamic Capabilities and their Relationship to Entrepreneurship
Einar Lier Madsen

10. The Power of Fixed Mobile Convergence: The Changes in the Telecommunications Industry and the Role of Dynamic Capabilities
Stefanie Düker, Silvia Boßow-Thies, Philipp Zimmermann and Dieter Lange

11. Strategic Value Chain Redefinitions: Operationalising the Dynamic Capability View
Ronald Klingebiel and Dieter Lange