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Teaching the Essentials of Law and Economics

Antony W. Dnes, Attorney, State Bar of California, US
Teaching Essentials of Law and Economics provides an up to date and succinct account of the application of economic analysis to legal doctrines, institutions and legal reform.
Extent: c 240 pp
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Publication Date: April 2020
ISBN: 978 1 78897 773 9
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  • eISBN: 978 1 78897 774 6

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Teaching the Essentials of Law and Economics covers the core areas of law and economics, also known as the economic analysis of law, in non-technical terms with guiding notes throughout the text. Replete with cases and illustrations, it may be used both as a lecture guide for instructors, and as a basic text for students.

The author provides an up-to-date and succinct account of the application of economic analysis to legal doctrines, institutions and legal reform. Classic cases taken from Anglo-American common law, with some consideration of civil law, along with more recent material, are used to illustrate the analysis. The book has a non-technical, built-in system designed to guide teaching as well as private study of the material.

Professors and instructors teaching this growing field of inquiry as well as legal scholars interested in the influence of economics on American law, economists analyzing the incentive structure of legal systems and doctrines, public-policy students considering legal reform and judges and legal personnel seeking a succinct treatment of economics of law will be indebted to the author for this guide to Teaching Essentials of Law and Economics.
‘Professor Antony Dnes has written a few books in Law and Economics to general audiences in the last decades. But this is not just another book introducing law and economics to lawyers, economists, social scientists and policy makers. This is a different book in teaching the essentials of law and economics. Why different? The reason is that it provides for a unique combination of the standard introduction to law and economics, as typically taught in advanced degrees in universities across the world, with a novel approach to focusing on fundamental concepts and practical examples. Furthermore, each chapter concludes with a thorough state-of-the-art literature review offering different perspectives. The book can be explored alongside more traditional study materials, thus benefitting students and instructors. It can be used by legal practitioners as a quick access to specific topics or notions in law and economics. It can be read by the general public looking for a simple, yet rigorous, explanation for economic insights to legal policy.’
– Nuno Garoupa, George Mason University, US
Contents Preface 1. What is “Law and Economics?” Law and economics as a distinct subdiscipline with materials to show nature and application of the subject 2. Property rights. Fragmentation, transfer and efficient use of property rights (article references from Principles, Methodologies and Encyclopedia elements) 3. Conflicts over property rights. Coase theorem, Calabresi & Melamed’s least-cost principle, and regulation of land use 4. Contracts, information and trade. Gains from trade; information flows; long-term contracts 5. Breach of contract. Efficient breach and measures of damages 6. Essential economics of tort law. Tort law minimizes social cost 7. Crime and punishment. Crime and criminal justice The nature of criminal activity Index