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The Changing Landscape of Food Governance

Public and Private Encounters Edited by Tetty Havinga, Associate Professor in Sociology of Law, Faculty of Law, Radboud University, Frans van Waarden, Utrecht University, the Netherlands and Donal Casey, Lecturer in Law, Kent Law School, University of Kent, UK
As markets become more globalized, they have also become governed by an increasingly complex array of public and private regulation. This volume investigates the changing landscape of food governance. In so doing, the contributions to his volume provide insights into broader analytical issues that have concerned regulatory governance scholars. These include the legitimacy and effectiveness of public and private regulation, the interaction of networks of regulation, regulatory responses to crisis and the distribution of power in regulatory arrangements.
Extent: 288 pp
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Publication Date: 2015
ISBN: 978 1 78471 540 3
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This book examines the changing landscape of food governance. Within this landscape, both public and private regulators increasingly encounter one another as markets have become more globalized. While these encounters may often be planned, long-term and lead to positive relationships and outcomes, they can also be accidental collisions that result in antagonistic relationships and crisis. Empirically, this book investigates these public and private encounters in food governance and the institutional challenges they raise. Importantly, it also explores the public policy responses to these issues at the national, supranational and transnational levels, and investigates new forms of private food regulation.

Against this empirical backdrop, the contributors provide insights into broader analytical issues that have animated regulatory governance scholarship such as the legitimacy and effectiveness of public and private regulation, the distribution of power in regulatory arrangements, the interaction of layers and networks of regulation and regulatory responses to crisis.

This comprehensive book will be of great value to those interested in gaining an interdisciplinary understanding of the empirical area of food governance and the analytical issues of regulatory governance.
‘The Changing Landscape of Food Governance: Public and Private Encounters is an interdisciplinary book, edited by three scholars with expertise in law examining the recent transformation of food governance. . . . This volume is a good survey of the current food governance landscape. . . . Overall this volume is organized, well-written, and a persuasive and enjoyable read.’
– Agriculture and Human Values

‘This book makes a major contribution to our understanding of how significantly food governance is changing at both the national and international levels. What is particularly noteworthy about this volume is how clearly and comprehensively it integrates the important public and private dimensions of food governance.’
– David Vogel, University of California, Berkeley, US
Contributors: G. Abels, J.P. Burns, F. Casarosa, D. Casey, N. Collins, V.Constant LaForce, R. van Dalen, G. Enticott, E. Fagotto, D. Fuchs, M. Gobbato, J.-C. Gottwald, T. Havinga, A. Kalfagianni, A. Kobusch, R. Lee, J. Li, P. Oosterveer, H. van der Voort, F. van Waarden, X. Wang


1. Changing Regulatory Arrangements in Food Governance
Tetty Havinga, Donal Casey and Frans van Waarden

2. Conceptualizing Regulatory Arrangements: Complex Networks and Regulatory Roles
Tetty Havinga

3. Regulation of Food Safety in the EU: Explaining Organizational Diversity Among Member States
Gabriele Abels and Alexander Kobusch

4. Buying Biosecurity: UK Compensation for Animal Diseases
Gareth Enticott and Robert Lee

5. Being Well Fed: Food Safety Regimes in China
Neil Collins and Jörn-Carsten Gottwald

6. The Political Economy of Chinese Food Safety Regulation: Distributing Adulterated Milk Powder in Mainland China and Taiwan
John P. Burns, Jing Li and Xiaoqi Wang

7. Authority and Legitimacy in Governing Global Food Chains
Peter Oosterveer

8. The Effectiveness of Private Food Governance in Fostering Sustainable Development
Agni Kalfagianni and Doris Fuchs

9. Food Quality through Networks in the European Wine Industry
Federica Casarosa and Marco Gobbato

10. Markets Regulating Markets: Competitive Private Regulation by Halal Certificates
Frans van Waarden and Robin van Dalen

11. Are We being Served? The Relationship between Public and Private Food Safety Regulation
Elena Fagotto

12. Between Public and Private Requirements: Challenges and Opportunities for the Export of Tropical Fruits from Developing Countries to the EU
Vanessa Constant LaForce

13. The Meta-governance of Co-regulation: Safeguarding the Quality of Dutch Eggs
Haiko van der Voort