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The Chinese Steel Industry’s Transformation

Structural Change, Performance and Demand on Resources Edited by Ligang Song, Associate Professor and Director, China Economy and Business Program, Australian National University and Haimin Liu, Vice President, China Steel Industry Development Research Institute, China
This unique and informative book provides a central reference work on the Chinese steel industry and discusses China’s increasing demand on metals from both macroeconomic and regional perspectives.
Extent: 192 pp
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Publication Date: 2013
ISBN: 978 1 84844 658 8
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This unique and informative book provides a central reference work on the Chinese steel industry and discusses China’s increasing demand on metals from both macroeconomic and regional perspectives.

It includes macroeconomic studies of developments in Chinese resource demand with particular reference to the ferrous metals and microeconomic studies that utilize comprehensive firm-level data to evince new knowledge of both firm and industry performance with respect to their productivity, the technical efficiency, and industrial linkages. The book also discusses trade in steel products and the impact of the restructuring of the industry on the environment.

This detailed and analytical study will appeal to academics, students and researchers in Chinese studies, government agencies and private sectors – such as the mining industry, as well as financial agencies analysing the Chinese demand on global resources.
‘This enlightening book benefits from the seasoned editorial hands of two leading scholars of state-sector restructuring in China. It provides historical, domestic regional, and policy perspectives on the dynamics of discontinuous growth in the Chinese steel industry. . . The book is highly recommended for scholars and students of development economics, economic history, industry analysis, politics and public policy of enterprise reform, and business management .’
– Kun-Chin Lin, The China Journal

‘China today produces nearly half of the world’s steel and is the world’s largest importer of iron ore. Steel has been a central part of China’s rapid growth story, but it is also a source of many problems that range from the Chinese industry’s environmental impact to the problems associated with the continued dominance of the sector’s state-owned enterprises. This book of chapters edited by Ligang Song and Haimin Liu is a major and comprehensive contribution to this important topic.’
– Dwight Perkins, Harvard University Department of Economics, US

‘Chinese economic reform and opening to the international economy since the late 1970s have changed the country and the world. The developments in the steel industry through the reform period are central to those changes, illuminative of them, and of immense significance in themselves. This book throws new light on these historic changes for Chinese and foreign readers alike.’
– From the foreword by Ross Garnaut, University of Melbourne, Australia
Contributors: G. Dai, J. Golley, H. Liu, H. McKay, Y. Sheng, L. Song, Y. Zheng



1. Steel Industry Development and Transformation in China: An Overview
Ligang Song and Haimin Liu

2. Metal Intensity in Comparative Historical Perspective: China, North Asia and the United States
Huw McKay

3. Economic Growth, Regional Disparities and Core Steel Demand in China
Jane Golley, Yu Sheng and Yuchun Zheng

4. China’s Iron and Steel Industry Performance: Total Factor Productivity and its Determinants
Yu Sheng and Ligang Song

5. The Technical Efficiency of China’s Large and Medium Iron and Steel Enterprises: A Firm-Level Analysis
Yu Sheng and Ligang Song

6. The Backward and Forward Linkages of the Iron and Steel Industry in China and Implications
Yu Sheng and Ligang Song

7. China’s Shift from Being a Net Importer to a Net Exporter of Steel and its Implications
Haimin Liu and Ligang Song

8. China’s Iron Ore Import Demand and its Determinants: A Time-series Analysis
Yu Sheng and Ligang Song

9. Restructuring China’s Steel Industry and the Implications for Energy Use and the Environment
Guoqing Dai and Ligang Song