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The Handbook of Economic Methodology

Edited by John B. Davis, Professor of Economics, Marquette University, US and Professor of Economics, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, D. Wade Hands, Professor of Economics, University of Puget Sound, US and Uskali Mäki, Academy Professor, Academy of Finland, Department of Social and Moral Philosophy, University of Helsinki, Finland
The Handbook of Economic Methodology is a major multidisciplinary reference work on the developing field of economic methodology.
Extent: 592 pp
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Publication Date: 1998
ISBN: 978 1 85278 795 0
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  • Economics and Finance
  • Methodology of Economics
The Handbook of Economic Methodology is a major multidisciplinary reference work on the developing field of economic methodology. It consists of more than a hundred specially commissioned essays by leading scholars from around the world. This definitive volume provides detailed and authoritative coverage of crucial topics and issues that have developed in recent decades and introduces a variety of emerging themes which economic methodologists have begun to explore.

This comprehensive Handbook includes a variety of substantive entries in which experts in the field summarise past achievements in economic methodology and indicate the direction of future research. They provide biographical entries to introduce important economists, methodologists and philosophers. The volume also focuses on economic issues to which economic methodology is central and wider intellectual themes that have impinged on economic methodology, from general movements in intellectual history to broad philosophical themes. Orthodox and heterodox approaches to economics and epistemological, ontological, logical and normative dimensions of economic methodology are discussed and evaluated.

This magnificent reference work presents a state-of-the-art analysis of the evolution of economic methodology as well as prospects for its future development. The Handbook of Economic Methodology will be indispensable to those with an interest in economic methodology, the philosophy of economics and the history of economic thought.
‘The editors are to be congratulated on bringing together an impressive array of scholars. There are 93 contributors to the volume in a list that includes the authoritative names in economic methodology one would expect to be present.’
– Paul Downward, Review of Radical Political Economy

‘The Handbook will be of considerable interest to economic methodologists . . . entries are well-chosen and belong in a companion to economic methodology . . . a number of entries in the Handbook are excellent.’
– Journal of Economic Methodology

‘The quality of entries is high; they are both succinct and readable. This source is indispensable to historians of economic thought as well as to experts on methodology, and it is useful to those teaching and doing research on any subject in economics. This reviewer found it useful for explanation of concepts even in principles of economics. Scholars in other social sciences may also find this Handbook useful and pertinent. This book is highly recommended.’
– Bogdan Mieczkowski, American Reference Books
Contributors include: R.E. Backhouse, M. Blaug, P.J. Boettke, B. Caldwell, A.W. Coats, J.B. Davis, N. De Marchi, S.C. Dow, J.D. Hammond, D.W. Hands, K.D. Hoover, U. Mäki, T. Mayer, D.P. O’Brien, H. Simon, G. Tullock, D.A. Walker