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The Impact of Alfred Marshall’s Ideas

The Global Diffusion of his Work Edited by the late Tiziano Raffaelli, formerly Professor of the History of Economic Thought, University of Pisa, the late Giacomo Becattini, formerly Professor of Political Economy, University of Florence, Katia Caldari, Assistant Professor, University of Padua and Marco Dardi, Professor of Economics, University of Florence, Italy
This is a unique and detailed book which surveys the diffusion and reception of Alfred Marshall’s ideas and the ways they have influenced the development of economic science up to the present day.
Extent: 272 pp
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Publication Date: 2011
ISBN: 978 1 84720 512 4
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  • Economics and Finance
  • Economic History
  • History of Economic Thought
  • Methodology of Economics
This is a unique and detailed book which surveys the diffusion and reception of Alfred Marshall’s ideas and the ways they have influenced the development of economic science up to the present day.

This is an accessible and extremely readable work offering an interesting perspective on the national traditions of economic thought, in both English and non-English speaking countries, as well as on the work of leading economists. As this work demonstrates, the variety of responses elicited by Alfred Marshall’s thought testifies to its richness as well as to the plurality of conceptions of the role and tasks of economics in different times and places. This book complements the authors’ previous work The Elgar Companion to Alfred Marshall.

The Impact of Alfred Marshall’s Ideas will appeal to researchers and academics at all levels of economics and especially the history of economic thought.
‘The book . . . offer's a "systematic country-by-country study of the impact of Marshall's ideas over the course of the last century." . . . while the volume contributes to the field of the history of economic thought, it also provides the reader with strong and valuable insights in the fields of intellectual and academic history. Overall, this book is a great supplement to post-Marshallian studies.’
– Lisa Arena, Journal of the History of Economic Thought

‘. . . this book is a worthy companion to the Elgar Companion to Alfred Marshall, although each chapter might very well be expanded into something more grand and fitting as tribute to the influence of Alfred Marshall.’
– C.R. McCann Jr., History of Economic Ideas

‘In Alfred Marshall’s theory of the human mind, the development of knowledge is conditioned, though not determined, by the context in which it occurs; by a natural extension, so is the interpretation, response to and use of knowledge. That is the organising principle of this book, and no one is better equipped to apply it than the team which produced The Elgar Companion to Alfred Marshall. What we can learn from these studies has wide application in economics – and beyond.’
– Brian Loasby, University of Stirling, UK

‘The team responsible for producing the exemplary Elgar Companion to Alfred Marshall in 2006 has now assembled this complementary volume which contains an equally authoritative collection of studies dealing with the fortuna or intellectual and cultural impact of Marshallian economics in Britain, Europe, North America, Australasia, and Asia. Together the books make an invaluable contribution to the reassessment of Marshall’s reputation and the diffusion of his economic ideas.’
– Donald Winch, University of Sussex, UK
Contributors: L. Argemí, R.E. Backhouse, B.W. Bateman, A. Brewer, M. Brzezinski, V. Caspari, C. Cristiano, M. Dardi, R.W. Dimand, I. Eliseeva, A.M. Endres, G. Erreygers, R. Faucci, M. Gallegati, P.D.Groenewegen, H. Hagemann, T.J. Hanisch, A. Heertje, A. Maneschi, S.G. Medema, N. Mitra, R. Neill, M. Nishioka, M. Quéré, J. Reis, B. Sandelin, A. Sæther, P.B. Trescott, K. Tribe, A. Zanni


1. Alfred Marshall’s Place in the History of Economic Thought: The ‘Conventional’ Interpretation
Anthony Brewer

2. Recent Marshallian Scholarship: An Overview
Peter D. Groenewegen

3. Marshall at Cambridge
Carlo Cristiano

4. Marshall and Marshallian Economics in Britain
Keith Tribe

5. Marshall in Canada
Robert W. Dimand and Robin Neill

6. The Reception of Marshall in the United States
Roger E. Backhouse, Bradley W. Bateman and Steven G. Medema

7. Marshall and Australia
Peter D. Groenewegen

8. Marshallian Economics in New Zealand, c. 1890–1940
Anthony M. Endres

9. Marshall’s Influence on Swedish Economic Thought
Bo Sandelin

10. Marshall in Norway
Tore Jørgen Hanisch and Arild Sæther

11. Marshall in Poland
Michal Brzezinski

12. Marshall in Russia
Irina Eliseeva

13. Marshall in German-speaking Countries
Volker Caspari

14. Alfred Marshall and Economic Theory in Holland
Arnold Heertje

15. Marshall in Belgium
Guido Erreygers

16. Marshall in France
Michel Quéré

17. Marshall in Italy
Mauro Gallegati and Riccardo Faucci

18. Marshall in Spain, 1890–1950
Lluis Argemí

19. Marshallian Industrial Districts in Portugal: A Conceptual Solution for Empirical Analyses’ Pressures
José Reis

20. Influence of Alfred Marshall on Indian Economic Thought
Nita Mitra

21. Alfred Marshall’s Ideas in China
Paul B. Trescott

22. Marshall in Japan
Mikio Nishioka

23. Pareto’s ‘Third Way’ between Marshall and Walras
Marco Dardi and Alberto Zanni

24. Schumpeter on Marshall
Harald Hagemann

25. Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen and the Mecca of the Economist
Andrea Maneschi