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The Landscape of Family Business

Edited by Ritch L. Sorenson, University of St. Thomas, US, Andy Yu, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, US, Keith H. Brigham, Texas Tech University, US and G.T. Lumpkin, Syracuse University, US
The Landscape of Family Business expands upon groundbreaking research to offer owners, consultants, and academics a new holistic way to view family business.
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  • Family Business
The Landscape of Family Business expands upon groundbreaking research to offer owners, consultants, and academics a new holistic way to view family business.

What are the important outcomes in family business? What are the relationships among those outcomes? And, what does an overall pattern of outcome relationships reveal about family business? Based on 12 years of family business research, this book presents answers to these questions in the form of a Map of the Landscape of Family Business. In addition, leading scholars provide reviews and make recommendations to researchers and practitioners about each of the seven clusters revealed in the map – Governance, Performance, Social and Economic Impact, Strategy, Family Dynamics, Family Business Roles, and Succession.

Clear and concise, with a focus on relationships in family business, this insightful book is both an enjoyable and informative read and will prove to be an asset to every bookshelf. Scholars, academics and family business owners and managers are sure to find The Landscape of Family Business an invaluable resource.
‘The editors should be commended for developing a Map of the Landscape of Family Business Outcomes. It gives future research direction to the discipline considering both short-term profitability and long-term sustainability. It considers conventional concepts of structure, roles, and rules as well as family/firm processes, the uniqueness of family businesses and the essence of their resilience capacity. There are thought-provoking nuggets for new and seasoned researchers, counselors and advisors, business and executive educators, as well as family business owners.’
– Sharon M. Danes, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, US
Contributors: M. Baù, K.H. Brigham, M.S. Daugherty, G.G. Dess, K. Hellerstedt, F. Hoy, F.W. Kellermanns, G.T. Lumpkin, M. Nordqvist, K. Rosplock, P. Sharma, R.L. Sorenson, L.J. Stanley, K. Wennberg, A. Yu

Harry G. (Paddy) McNeely, III

Introduction: The Landscape of Family Business
Ritch L. Sorenson, Andy Yu, Keith H. Brigham and G.T. Lumpkin

1. Understanding the Landscape of Family Business
Andy Yu

2. Owning Family Governance Within the Two Dimensions of the Family Business
Ritch L. Sorenson

3. Performance in Family Business: Financial and Socio-emotional Outcomes
Mary Schmid Daugherty

4. Social and Economic Impact of Family Business
Keith H. Brigham

5. Strategy in Family Business: Recent Findings and Future Challenges
G.T. Lumpkin and Gregory G. Dess

6. Family Business Roles
Pramodita Sharma and Frank Hoy

7. Family Dynamics in the Family Business
Kirby Rosplock

8. Succession in Family Firms
Massimo Baù, Karin Hellerstedt, Mattias Nordqvist and Karl Wennberg

9. A Second Look and Commentary on the Landscape of Family Business
Franz W. Kellermanns and Laura J. Stanley

Appendix A: The McNeely Landscape Map

Appendix B: Empirical Studies from Which the Outcome Variables were Derived for the Yu, Lumpkin, Sorenson and Brigham (2012) Paper

Appendix C: List of Participants at the 2010 University of Saint Thomas Landscape of Family Business Conference