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The Political Economy of WTO Implementation and China’s Approach to Litigation in the WTO

Yenkong Ngangjoh Hodu, Manchester University School of Law, UK and Zhang Qi, Associate Professor, Shanghai International Studies University, China
The concept of compliance with World Trade Organization law as part of international economic law is examined in this discerning book. Cognisance of the key conceptual issues that continue to dominate contemporary debates around rule-making in the world trading system, this must-read text approaches the issue of international norm compliance from a broad perspective. In view of China's role in shaping the political economy of the world trading system in recent years, this book places the discussion within the context of Chinese Confucian values
Extent: 288 pp
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Publication Date: 2016
ISBN: 978 1 78347 384 7
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  • Asian Studies
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  • International Economic Law, Trade Law
Why, and how, do states obey international law? This engaging book tackles this very question head on via its examination of the conflicting and conciliating processes of the Chinese approach to litigation and the Western approach to legal orientation in the field of the WTO dispute settlement mechanism.

The authors examine the normative framework of WTO rule implementation in a globalised international economic order. They further explore the notion of the rule of law in China’s Confucian system, and how it interacts with a rule-based world trading system. Topics discussed include theorising the WTO implementation regime, the Chinese approach to law, China and the WTO dispute settlement system, and Chinese Confucianism and compliance.

With its focus on international economic law and political science, this book will be accessible to students, policy makers, practitioners and academics looking to understand China and the rule of law in a global context
Contents: PART I NORMATIVITY AND IMPLEMENTATION ISSUES IN THE WTO 1. World Trade Law and Changing Fundamentals in the Global Architecture 2. The Evolution of the GATT/WTO Dispute Settlement System 3. Applicable Law before the WTO Disputes Settlement Body 4. Theorising the WTO Implementation Regime PART II CHINA AND WTO RULES IMPLEMENTATION: CONTEMPORARY POLICY AND DIPLOMACY 5. The Chinese Approach to Law 6. China and WTO Law: From Accession Negotiations to Current Commitments 7. China and the WTO Dispute Settlement System 8. Chinese Confucianism and Compliance Conclusion Index