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The Role and Impact of Entrepreneurship Education

Methods, Teachers and Innovative Programmes Edited by Alain Fayolle, Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director, Entrepreneurship Research Centre, EMLYON Business School, Ecully, France, Dafna Kariv, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Vice President, COLMAN, Rishon Lezion, Israel and Harry Matlay, Global Independent Research, Coventry, UK
This edited volume aims to bridge persistent research and practitioner gaps in entrepreneurship education theory and practice, as well as its relationship to main stakeholders. In 16 focused chapters, authored by leading international authorities in this topic, it offers new and innovative conceptual frameworks, research directions and illustrative case studies.
Extent: c 384 pp
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Publication Date: May 2019
ISBN: 978 1 78643 822 5
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Offering an empirically rigorous perspective on actionable approaches to entrepreneurship education, including learning, teaching and assessment methods, this book aims to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of entrepreneurship education as it relates to local, regional, national and international contexts.

An impressive team of leading international authorities and acclaimed experts provide a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of the role and impact of entrepreneurship education in industrially developed and developing countries as well as transition economies. Incorporating a wealth of new, emergent and innovative techniques, this book will allow teachers to effectively encourage future entrepreneurs to realize their ideas and intentions, and to convert them into successful and sustainable small businesses.

An excellent addition to current entrepreneurship education literature, this book will be of interest to entrepreneurship teachers, postgraduate and doctoral students, as well as graduate entrepreneurs, for its useful empirical basis, in addition to extensive theoretical and practical knowledge.
Contributors include: D. Bolzani, C. Camarero, L. Cisneros S. Coleman, Y. Costin, G. de Jong, J. Delfino, I. Diego, A. Fayolle, A. Fernández-Laviada, R. Fisher, F. Gul, P.D. Hannon, L. Hietanen, L. Huxtable-Thomas, B. Hynes, Y. Israel-Cohen, C. Jones, P. Jones, O. Kaplan, D. Kariv, C. Keen, P. Kyrö, E. Luppi H. Matlay, J.H. Mejia, C. Netana, M. O’Dwyer, A. Penaluna, K. Penaluna, A. Pérez, D. Pickernell, T. Pihkala, M. Redondo, M.P. Rice, A. Robb, H. Ruismäki, E. Ruskovaara, P. San Martín, V. Sanchez-Famoso, J. Seikkula-Leino, W.C. Stitt, M. Zaheer Asghar

1. The Role and Impact of Entrepreneurship Education: methods, teachers and innovative programmes

2. I’m a designer, get me out of here - Can Entrepreneurial Education advance through learning from Design Education?
Andrew Penaluna, Kathryn Penaluna

3. A Portfolio of Integrative and Reinforcing Pedagogies
Mark P. Rice and William C. Stitt

4. Beyond Content and Pedagogy: The Role of Self and Place in Entrepreneurial Leadership Development
Louisa Huxtable-Thomas and Paul Hannon

5. Explicit and Tacit knowledge transfer in Entrepreneurial Education: the Method Approach
Michele O’Dwyer, Yvonne Costin and Briga Hynes

6. A Study of the Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum Adaptation Process among In-Service Vocational Education Teachers
Muhammad Zaheer Asghar, Paula Kyro, Fariha Gul

7. Developing Entrepreneurship Education in Europe: Teachers’ Commitment to Entrepreneurship Education in the UK, Finland and Spain
Jaana Seikkula-Leino, Timo Pihkala, Jane Delfino

8. Enhancing students’ latent nascent entrepreneurship in basic education
Lenita Hietanen and Heikki Ruismäki

9. Teachers as role models in entrepreneurship education. Perspectives from the point of view of entrepreneurs
Paula San-Martín, Ana Fernández-Laviada, Andrea Pérez

10. Providing effective Entrepreneurship Education: a UK perspective
Paul Jones, David Pickernell, Rebecca Fisher, Celia Netana

11. The Assessment of Transversal Competences in Entrepreneurship Education
Elena Luppi and Daniela Bolzani

12. Entrepreneurship education as perspective transformation
Colin Jones and Harry Matlay

13. Over One Hundred Years in Management Education: The Evolution Processes of Academic Entrepreneurship
Christian Keen, Valeriano Sanchez-Famoso, Luis Cisneros, Jorge-Humberto Mejia-Morelos

14. The Rising Tide Angel Training Program Education for the Ecosystem (not just for the entrepreneur!)
Susan Coleman and Alicia Robb

15. University Business Incubators: Mechanisms to Transform Ideas into Businesses
Maria Redondo, Carmen Camarero

16. Prospects and Challenges of Disruptive Innovation in the Management and Social Science Academic Curriculum: A Case Study Approach
Yael Israel-Cohen and Oren Kaplan

17. Educating Sustainable Entrepreneurship: The Case of University of Groningen
Gjalt de Jong