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Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development

Macroeconomic Models and Empirical Methods Edited by Rinaldo Brau, University of Cagliari and CRENoS, Italy, Alessandro Lanza, Executive Director, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, Italy and Stefano Usai, University of Cagliari and CRENoS, Italy
Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development highlights the opportunities and risks of nature-based tourism for economic development and explores selected strategies for sustainability.
Extent: 272 pp
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Publication Date: 2008
ISBN: 978 1 84720 650 3
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Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development highlights the opportunities and risks of nature-based tourism for economic development and explores selected strategies for sustainability.

The prospect of tourism growth is a potential source of major challenges and considerable threats on a number of levels. The concept of sustainable tourism development has thus become the focus of the debate on this subject. This invaluable book aims to provide useful analytical and empirical tools in support of the idea that sustainability is not just about regulating and controlling the negative impacts of tourism. It is also about policies and actions that aim to reinforce the benefits and reduce the costs of tourism, in order to make it more profitable now and in the future.

The chapters focused on economic modelling offer a valuable overview of the main issues currently debated at the academic level. The book also illustrates a number of empirical instruments that will provide a useful reference for academics and policymakers interested in how to put theory into practice. This study will be of great value to economists, geographers and to those who have a direct or indirect interest in tourism economics.
‘An exceptionally well informed and meticulous scholarly analysis of the source of tourism as both a boon to and a bane upon the economies of developing nations. . . highly recommended for college library collections and personal reading lists on the subject of international economics in general, and the economic impact of tourism in particular.’
– Library Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review
Contributors: S. Avila-Foucat, R. Brau, G. Candela, D. Cao, F. Cerina, C.-C. Chao, B. da Veiga, J.L. Eugenio-Martin, P. Figini, S. Giannoni, B.R. Hazari, J.-P. Laffargue, A. Markandya, S. Marzetti Dall’Aste Brandolini, M.-A. Maupertuis, M. McAleer, R. Mosetti, J.-J. Nowak, S. Pedroso-Galinato, M. Sahli, A.E. Scorcu, P.M. Sgrò, R. Shareef, S. Usai, S. Valente, E.S.H. Yu


1. Tourism, Growth and Pollution Abatement
Fabio Cerina

2. Specialised Trade, Growth Differentials and the Performance of
Tourism Economies
Simone Valente

3. Tourism Development and Environmental Quality: Long-Run Effects
of Monopoly Power
Sauveur Giannoni and Marie-Antoinette Maupertuis

4. The Economics of Local Tourist Systems
Guido Candela, Paolo Figini and Antonello E. Scorcu

5. Inbound Tourism and Internal Migration in a Developing Economy
Jean-Jacques Nowak and Mondher Sahli

6. Tourism, Jobs, Capital Accumulation and the Economy: A Dynamic
Chi-Chur Chao, Bharat R. Hazari, Jean-Pierre Laffargue,
Pasquale M. Sgrò and Eden S.H. Yu

7. The Volatility of Growth and Tourism Earnings
Anil Markandya and Suzette Pedroso-Galinato

8. Managing Value-at-Risk in Daily Tourist Tax Revenues for the
Michael McAleer, Riaz Shareef and Bernardo da Veiga

9. Uncovering the Macrostructure of Tourists’ Preferences: a Choice
Experiment Analysis of Tourism Demand to Sardinia
Rinaldo Brau and Davide Cao

10. Linking Environmental Quality Changes and Tourism Demand
with the Repeat Visits Method
Sophie Avila-Foucat and Juan L. Eugenio-Martin

11. Social Carrying Capacity of Mass Tourist Sites: Theoretical and
Practical Issues about its Measurement
Silva Marzetti Dall’Aste Brandolini and Renzo Mosetti