A Dictionary of Taxation, Second Edition


A Dictionary of Taxation, Second Edition

2nd edition

9781849801225 Edward Elgar Publishing
Simon James, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Exeter Business School, Chartered Tax Adviser and Fellow, Chartered Institute of Taxation, UK
Publication Date: July 2012 ISBN: 978 1 84980 122 5 Extent: 320 pp
This second edition of the Dictionary of Taxation contains over 200 new or substantially revised entries to enhance the existing wide range of accessible definitions and terms used to describe various aspects of tax and tax systems around the world.

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This second edition of the Dictionary of Taxation contains over 200 new or substantially revised entries to enhance the existing wide range of accessible definitions and terms used to describe various aspects of tax and tax systems around the world.

The entries relate to the analysis of taxation, key concepts, major developments and controversies in taxation. The Dictionary draws on economic, accounting and legal aspects of taxation as well as the contributions of other social sciences to the understanding of taxation and its effects.

Sorted alphabetically, with cross-referencing, each entry presents the essential points of a particular law, accountancy practice or economic concept. Additionally this revised and updated Dictionary offers a guide to readers of other literature on certain concepts or practices. Written in an accessible style, it will be indispensable to all those who need to know more about the concepts of taxation, including practitioners, academics and students.
Critical Acclaim
‘This Dictionary goes a long way to dispel some of the confusing terminology used in this complex area and we hope it becomes a best seller!’
– Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor, The Barrister Magazine

‘Taxation affects all of us, directly or indirectly, on a daily basis in numerous ways. For those involved in studying and researching taxation, matters of definition and understanding of taxation terms frequently arise. Simon James’ 1998 first edition has been where I first turn to as a reference source to provide insightful, concise and readily understandable explanations. Specifically A Dictionary of Taxation is an essential source whether the occasion is teaching, responding to student queries, or supporting one’s own research. I congratulate Simon in preparing this second edition and would encourage a future edition to emerge significantly sooner than the gap between the first two editions. Every researcher and teacher of taxation should have a copy of this second edition on their desk.’
– Adrian Sawyer, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

‘A Dictionary of Taxation, Second Edition is comprehensive and more substantive than a simple listing of definitions and will prove to be an enormously valuable reference. Professor James provides just the right amount of detail and insight for each entry, frequently commenting on the historical evolution of a term, and, for many entries, providing a list of the original sources upon which the entry is based. I highly recommend this directory to academic researchers, makers of public policy, and private sector professionals.’
– Carl P. Kaiser, Washington and Lee University, US

‘Simon James’ second edition of A Dictionary of Taxation has arrived at last! Tax is one of those things that is universal and unavoidable, and, at the same time, dynamic and intriguing. James does a sterling job at capturing so many terms herein, not just technical explanations, but also their history and significance. There are also helpful suggestions for further reading. Experts and novices alike will find this an interesting and very useful text to have close at hand.’
– Margaret McKerchar, Australian School of Taxation and Business Law (Atax)

‘I have known Simon for many years, through working in our respective roles as committee members for the Chartered Institute of Taxation. Simon has an extremely wide knowledge of taxation matters, which is ably demonstrated in this dictionary of tax terms and phrases. It is an essential guide in unraveling the mysteries of professional “tax talk” for the non-practitioner. For those interested in obtaining further information or guidance there are many useful references to other works.’
– Dale Simpson, Chairman, South West England Region of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and Partner, Thomas Westcott, UK
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