A Handbook of Globalisation and Environmental Policy


A Handbook of Globalisation and Environmental Policy

National Government Interventions in a Global Arena

9781845429515 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Frank Wijen, Assistant Professor of Strategic Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam and Research Fellow, Globus, Tilburg University, The Netherlands, Kees Zoeteman, Professor of Sustainable Development in International Perspective, Telos, Tilburg Sustainability Centre, Tilburg University, The Netherlands and Jan Pieters, Former Senior Economics Advisor, Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, The Hague, The Netherlands
Publication Date: 2006 ISBN: 978 1 84542 951 5 Extent: 768 pp
In the current era of globalisation, national governments are increasingly exposed to international influences which can present many new constraints and opportunities for domestic environmental policies. This comprehensive Handbook pushes the frontiers of theoretical and empirical knowledge, and provides a state-of-the-art examination of the critical effects of globalisation on environmental governance.

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In the current era of globalisation, national governments are increasingly exposed to international influences which can present many new constraints and opportunities for domestic environmental policies. This comprehensive Handbook pushes the frontiers of theoretical and empirical knowledge, and provides a state-of-the-art examination of the critical effects of globalisation on environmental governance.

Following a comprehensive introduction by the editors, the expert contributors analyse key concepts and recent developments in themes such as national regimes, types of environmental goods, trade rules and environmental policies, eco-innovation policy, government–business cooperation, the role of citizen-consumers in environmental politics, and governance in developing countries. They also present various societal perspectives, including the role of businesses and non-governmental organisations. Eight original case studies address global influences on domestic environmental policies and government participation in international and supranational fora. The Handbook concludes with innovative and challenging views on the future role of national governments in global environmental governance.

Including contributions from leading authorities in academia, government, and business, this comprehensive new Handbook provides an insightful overview of the powerful effect of globalisation on national environmental policy. The depth and scope of the work will ensure a broad and varied readership, including academics, students, and policymakers in the fields of governance, environmental politics and law, international relations, and political science.
Critical Acclaim
‘This is undoubtedly a useful collection of essays for environmental policymakers and anyone interested in the relationship between national government and transnational forces. . . the collection brings together some interesting perspectives and should prove a useful complement to the existing political sociology of the environment.’
– International Sociology – Review of Books

‘The Handbook of Globalisation and Environmental Policy is a very important book. More than 40 experienced authors, including some of the most important international thought leaders of our time, have confronted a crucial question: How can and should national governments come to grips with the need for global action on a wide range of increasingly urgent environmental challenges that exceed their authority and capability? Through close examination of numerous case studies, a balanced perspective that takes government, business and civil society into account, and fresh interdisciplinary thinking about a range of policy tools, the Handbook offers a treasure trove of new concepts and new perspectives. The authors conclude that by acknowledging the ongoing erosion of national sovereignty and accepting the growing need to work together in supranational forums, national governments can, in fact, increase their capacity to shape their own destiny.’
– Lawrence Susskind, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US

‘In an increasingly interdependent world, global forces affect both the design and effectiveness of environmental policy. This Handbook provides an unusually creative and comprehensive guide, not only to the nature of these forces and their impacts, but also to how a better understanding of these forces can provide a foundation for improving the effectiveness of environmental policy.’
– Tom Tietenberg, Colby College, US
Contributors: M. Arentsen, P. Conceição, T. de Bruijn, C. Dutilh, D. Esty, N. Gerard, E. Harkink, N. Hazendonk, J. Hol, J. Hontelez, M. Ivanova, M. Jansen, T. Jones, I. Kaul, A. Keck, R. Kemp, A. Kölliker, L. Krämer, D. Liefferink, S. Martens, C. Martin, H. Massink, H. Opschoor, S. Ozinga, J. Pieters, D. Post, B. Rendlen, L. Soete, G. Spaargaren, B. Stigson, C. Streck, M. Toffel, G. van Dijk, J. van Kasteren, J. van Vliet, S. Veenman, R. Visser, D. Vogel, K. von Moltke, R. Weehuizen, F. Wijen, P. Winsemius, K. Zoeteman


1. Globalisation and National Environmental Policy: An Overview
Kees Zoeteman, Frank Wijen and Jan Pieters

2. Trade and Investment: Selected Links to Domestic Environmental Policy
Tom Jones

3. Globalisation and National Incentives for Protecting Environmental Goods: Types of Goods, Trade Effects, and International Collective Action Problems
Alkuin Kölliker

4. Financing Global Public Goods: Responding to Global Environmental Challenges
Pedro Conceição and Inge Kaul

5. National Environmental Policies and Multilateral Trade Rules
Marion Jansen and Alexander Keck

6. Towards an Effective Eco-Innovation Policy in a Globalised Setting
René Kemp, Luc Soete and Rifka Weehuizen

7. Collaboration of National Governments and Global Corporations in Environmental Management
Kees Zoeteman and Eric Harkink

8. Globalisation and the Role of Citizen-Consumers in Environmental Politics
Gert Spaargaren and Susan Martens

9. Environmental Federalism in the European Union and the United States
David Vogel, Michael Toffel and Diahanna Post

10. Globalisation and Policies/Politics towards Sustainable Development in Developing Countries
Hans Opschoor

11. Drivers of Business Behaviour in the Realm of Sustainable Development: The Role and Influence of the WBCSD, a Global Business Network
Björn Stigson and Britta Rendlen

12. Globalisation, Policy Utility Suppliers, and the Environmental Agenda
Jan Hol

13. Unilever and Sustainable Development
Chris Dutihl

14. Globalisation and National Environmental Policy: The Influence of WWF, an International Non-Governmental Organisation
Claude Martin

15. The Impact of European Non-Governmental Organisations on EU Environmental Regulation
John Hontelez

16. National Room to Manoeuvre: The Dutch Position in EU Energy Policies
Maarten Arentsen and Theo de Bruijn

17. Strategies to Prevent Illegal Logging
Saskia Ozinga and Nicole Gerard

18. Globalisation and Crop-Protection Policy
Joost van Kasteren

19. Free Trade in Agricultural Products and the Environment
Jan van Vliet

20. Different Countries, Different Strategies: ''Green'' Member States Influencing EU Climate Policy
Sietske Veenman and Duncan Liefferink

21. The Dispersion of Authority in the European Union and its Impact on Environmental Regulation
Ludwig Krämer

22. Mutual Recognition in the Testing of Chemicals through the OECD
Rob Visser

23. Architecture of the Kyoto Protocol and Prospects for Public Climate Policy
Frank Wijen and Kees Zoeteman

24. Globalisation and Environmental Protection: A Global Governance Perspective
Daniel Esty and Maria Ivanova

25. Governments and Policy Networks: Chances, Risks, and a Missing Strategy
Charlotte Streck

26. Globalisation and Environmental Policy Design
Konrad von Moltke

27. Effective Environmental Strategies for Small Countries in an Interconnected Global Setting
Pieter Winsemius

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