A Research Agenda for Entrepreneurship Education


A Research Agenda for Entrepreneurship Education

9781786432902 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Alain Fayolle, Entrepreneurship Professor, IDRAC Business School, France and Visiting Professor, Turku School of Economics, Finland
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78643 290 2 Extent: 328 pp
This Research Agenda aims to offer a coherent and articulate view on the future of entrepreneurship education from an internationally renowned group of scholars and educators.

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Elgar Research Agendas outline the future of research in a given area. Leading scholars are given the space to explore their subject in provocative ways, and map out the potential directions of travel. They are relevant but also visionary.

Edited by Alain Fayolle, this Research Agenda tackles the need for additional and robust intellectual foundations in entrepreneurship education, both at theoretical and methodological levels. The authors show that it is essential to connect entrepreneurship education more firmly with societal demands.

Identifying two key issues, the eminent authors first question what the current pedagogies and practices in entrepreneurship education are. Secondly, the authors question what is known about the relevancy, usefulness and efficiency of the current practices in entrepreneurship education. This book calls for a pragmatic and critical approach in the development of perspectives in entrepreneurship education.

This book presents innovative ideas and provocative contributions to the debate with the intention of generating significant new concepts for future researchers, policy makers and practitioners in entrepreneurship.

Critical Acclaim
‘I thoroughly enjoyed reading and reflecting upon this excellent new contribution by Alain Feyolle to the rapidly growing literature on entrepreneurship education. I genuinely believe that this research monograph would be of great assistance to all those who have an interest in this topic. It is a useful volume to have on the bookshelves of all those stakeholders, policy makers, academics and students involved in various aspects of entrepreneurship education, specifically to those who are interested in innovative thinking, critical approaches and cutting edge developments in this important topic of research. I wish to congratulate Professor Fayolle as well as Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, for their continuing commitment and high quality research contribution to the field of Entrepreneurship in general and entrepreneurship education in particular.’
– Harry Matlay, Education + Training

‘The book is useful for researchers, educators and professionals of entrepreneurship education research. Moreover, this is a must read for a doctoral scholar who is building his/her research framework in the entrepreneurship education domain.’
– The Journal of Entrepreneurship

‘The long-standing debate about entrepreneurship education has been given renewed impetus by the advent of experiential learning and student entrepreneurship. It is imperative therefore that entrepreneurship education research can make a contribution to our understanding about the direction and effectiveness of entrepreneurship education. In this volume, Alain Fayolle and an eminent set of contributors lay out frameworks and directions to guide much needed rigorous future research in this important area.’
– Mike Wright, Imperial College London, UK

‘This book offers insightful and actionable ideas for improving entrepreneurship education, its evaluation and its underlying research process. Alain’s compendium offers readers a deep dive into the underlying issues in teaching entrepreneurship, and goes beyond North American efforts to showcase European approaches. A worthwhile read for every entrepreneurship educator.’
– Jerome A. Katz, Saint Louis University, US

‘An excellent contribution to our understanding of entrepreneurship education that truly pushes forward thinking about how to undertake research on this subject. It provides insights from some of the leading thinkers and will undoubtedly be a key work of reference for both educators and researchers.’
– Luke Pittaway, Ohio University, US

‘The really interesting questions and insights in the field of entrepreneurship are coming from scholars focusing on entrepreneurship education. When we explore issues in entrepreneurship education we are delving into fundamental concerns about the knowledge, skills and activities that are essential for spurring entrepreneurial activity. A Research Agenda for Entrepreneurship Education offers a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of the theoretical and methodological foundations of entrepreneurial learning. The book is populated with a wide-ranging set of chapters by leading authorities in the entrepreneurship area that offer new insights and knowledge about entrepreneurship education that have important implications for entrepreneurship scholarship, policy and practice. The book is a “must-read”. Yes. The book is that informative and perceptive.’
– William B. Gartner, Babson College, US

‘This edited book is a must-read for faculty who wish to use rigorous research to inform their practice of teaching entrepreneurship. The global panel of authors tackle a variety of perspectives – philosophical, didactical, epistemological, methodological, and individual – to explore the past, present and future of entrepreneurship education.’
– Siri Terjesen, American University, US
Contributors: N. Alabduljader, Y. Baggen, A. Bernal, R. Bliss, S. Bureau, D. De Clercq, A. Donnellon, A. Fayolle, M.L. Fetters, J. Gabrielsson, P.G. Greene, G. Hägg, B. Honig, B. Johannisson, P. Kyrö, H. Landström, T. Lans, F. Liñán, M. Loi, B. Martin, J.J. McNally, L. Ploum, D. Politis, R.S. Ramani, G.T. Solomon


1. Introduction
Alain Fayolle

2. Toward Rigour and Relevance in Entrepreneurship Education Research
Bruce Martin, Dirk De Clercq and Benson Honig

3. Dealing with the inconsistency of studies in entrepreneurship education effectiveness: A systemic approach to drive future research
Michela Loi

4. The future of entrepreneurship education: educating for economic and social impact
Patricia G. Greene, Michael L. Fetters, Richard Bliss and Anne Donnellon

5. Does entrepreneurship education develop wisdom? An exploration
Jeffrey J. McNally, Benson Honig and Bruce Martin

6. Exemplary contributions from Europe to entrepreneurship education research and practice
Jonas Gabrielsson, Hans Landström, Diamanto Politis and Gustav Hägg

7. Personal views on the future of entrepreneurship education
Alain Fayolle

8. Limits to and prospects of entrepreneurship education in the academic context
Bengt Johannisson

9. The conceptual contribution of education to research on entrepreneurship education
Paula Kyrö

10. The reflective novice entrepreneur: From habitual action to intelligent action using experience-based pedagogy as a vehicle for change
Gustav Hägg

11. Towards more synergy in entrepreneurial competence research in entrepreneurship education
Thomas Lans, Yvette Baggen and Lisa Ploum

12. Learning fictions or facts? Moving from case studies to the impact-based method
Sylvain Bureau

13. The personal dimension of an entrepreneurial competence: An approach from the Spanish basic education context
Antonio Bernal and Francisco Liñán

14. Approaches to entrepreneurship education: A qualitative review and comparison of the US and Canada
Ravi S. Ramani, George T. Solomon and Nawaf Alabduljader


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