Successful Venture Creation and Growth

9781786434081 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by the late Mike Wright, formerly Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director, Centre for Management Buyout Research, Imperial College Business School, London, UK and Israel Drori, Head of the Department of Organization Sciences and Chaired Professor of Organization and Globalization, Faculty of Social Science, VU, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78643 408 1 Extent: 224 pp
Accelerators are a rapidly growing new form of organization that aim to stimulate entrepreneurship through intensive, limited-period educational programs, including mentoring and networking for the cohort of start-up participants selected for each program, to improve their ability to attract investment at the end of the program. Drawing on novel evidence from across the world, this is the first book to provide rigorous analysis of the nature and effectiveness of accelerators that will be invaluable for researchers, policymakers and entrepreneurs.

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Understanding how accelerators build an entrepreneurial ecosystem, generate innovations and create new technologies is key for anyone wishing to nurture a start-up company. This book compares the success of accelerators in comparison to the independent growth of new companies or incubators through a series of in-depth studies.

Accelerators: Successful Venture Creation and Growth examines how the organisational structures and practices of start-up accelerators generate innovations and identify new technologies, products and services. Mike Wright and Israel Drori have developed an entrepreneurial approach to this topic, exploring accelerators and start-ups as temporary organisations. This allows the contributing authors to highlight issues relating to both internal and external processes.

This book focuses on an important entrepreneurship trend that is growing, but has not yet undergone thorough research, and as such, is key for anyone wishing to understand the topic. This would be a stimulating and valuable read for entrepreneurs, policymakers and students looking to enter accelerators.
Critical Acclaim
‘This well-made book is a must have for all scholars interested in accelerators.’
– Raj K. Shankar, The Journal of Entrepreneurship

‘The editors have assembled a distinguished group of scholars to weigh in on a timely, important, and under-researched topic: the role of accelerators in venture creation and growth. The end result is a lucid and insightful book. This is a “must read” for scholars, policymakers, and practitioners with an interest in the role of incubators/accelerators in entrepreneurship and regional economic development.’
– Donald Siegel, Arizona State University, US

‘In this book, Mike Wright and Israel Drori do a masterful job in bringing together some of the best thinkers about accelerators and their growing role in today''s dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystems. These authors address the functioning, contributions and the factors that shape the success of these accelerators. They also address how to manage them for greater value creation. The chapters are well written and highly integrated, making for a great scholarly contribution to the field of entrepreneurship.’
– Shaker A. Zahra, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, US

‘Professors Wright and Drori have written the definitive book on accelerators, which are an important new vehicle for supporting entrepreneurship. I recommend this book to anyone interested in contemporary entrepreneurship.’
– Martin Kenney, University of California, Davis, US

‘Scholars as well as thought leaders in business and policy have been searching for the elixir to entrepreneurial growth. They need look no further. Wright and Dori have assembled and directed a leading team of internationally acclaimed scholar to highlight and analyze the key and unique role that incubators play in spurring entrepreneurial growth. The volume is loaded with compelling insights that will be invaluable to academics and practitioners alike.’
– David Audretsch, Indiana State University, US
Contributors: M. Bliemel, M.G. Colombo, S. de Klerk, I. Drori, R. Flores, J.-Y. Fu, J. Gonzalez-Uribe, J. Koch, M. Leatherbee, M.P. Miles, C. Rossi-Lamastra, J. Van Hove, I. Vanaelst, L. Vandeweghe, M. Wenzel, M. Wright, R. Yitshaki


1. Accelerators: Characteristics, trends and the new entrepreneurial ecosystem
Israel Drori and Mike Wright

2. Acceleration as Process: A Strategy Process Perspective on Startup Acceleration
Matthias Wenzel and Jochen Koch

3. Business Accelerator Governance
Laurens Vandeweghe and Jyun-Ying Trent Fu

4. Understanding mentorship processes
Ronit Yitshaki and Israel Drori

5. Selection issues.
Michael Leatherbee and Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe

6. Key Performance Indicators.
Michael Leatherbee and Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe

7. Revolutionizing entrepreneurial ecosystems through US and European accelerator policy.
Iris Vanaelst, Jonas van Hove and Mike Wright

8. Use of the ‘ecosystem model’ by accelerators at country and regional levels.
Jonas van Hove, Iris Vanaelst and Mike Wright

9. Emergence of accelerators and accelerator policy: the case of Australia
Martin Bliemel, Saskia de Klerk, Ricardo Flores and Morgan P. Miles

10. Accelerators: Insights for a research agenda.
Massimo G. Colombo, Cristina Rossi-Lamastra and Mike Wright


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