Advanced Introduction to Public Management and Administration


Advanced Introduction to Public Management and Administration

9781784712310 Edward Elgar Publishing
The Late Christopher Pollitt, formerly Emeritus Professor, Public Governance Institute, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Publication Date: 2016 ISBN: 978 1 78471 231 0 Extent: 192 pp
In an era of austerity, population ageing, and global warming, public management has become a subject of even greater importance than hitherto. This book reflects on the nature of the subject, its theories and methods, and the dynamics of the associated academic community. In a lively account, Christopher Pollitt focuses on the tension between being ’scientific’, and being useful to the world of practice. He offers an international perspective, acknowledges the emergence of important new players in the field, and provides an unparalleled breadth of coverage in the field of public management and administration.

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Critical Acclaim
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Elgar Advanced Introductions are stimulating and thoughtful introductions to major fields in the social sciences, business and law, expertly written by the world’s leading scholars. Designed to be accessible yet rigorous, they offer concise and lucid surveys of the substantive and policy issues associated with discrete subject areas.

In this Advanced Introduction, Christopher Pollitt starts a penetrating account of the theories, methods and possible trajectories of the study of public management, also examining the academic community itself, and its relationship to the world of practice. There is no more authoritative – or lively – text of such scope and focus.

This is a stimulating analysis by a leading international scholar. It includes:

· a global overview
· a critical and authoritative analysis of the current state of the field
· the location of academic research firmly in the real world context of austerity, climate and demographic change, and technological transformation
· an examination of the relationship between academic study and the practice of public management
· a look inside the ‘ivory tower’, at the forces changing the way the subject is studied and practised.

This truly unique work will be of particular interest to graduate students, advanced scholars, lecturers and trainers in public administration, public management, government, public policy, political science and development administration. Middle level and senior practitioners in public administration and public management will also find this an invaluable and sophisticated introduction.

Critical Acclaim
‘This volume provides a refreshingly accessible overview of public management/public administration (PM/PA). In language that is devoid of academic jargon and pompous statements, Pollitt presents a wonderful conceptual map including the dominant theories, methods, PM/PA scholars, the interaction with practitioners, and future challenges. It is, indeed, an advanced introduction from which two very different audiences can profit. Ph.D. students preparing for their comprehensive exams will find this book to be a great gateway to further study. Mid- to upper-level practitioners in executive (MPA or certificate) programs will find this book to be the kind of concise and usable summary they can work with. Both doctoral students and practitioners will benefit, because the author has proven to be a master of brevity and clarity.’
– Jos C.N. Raadschelders, The Ohio State University, US and University of Leiden, the Netherlands

‘This masterly introduction reflects Christopher Pollitt’s decades of experience as a practitioner, adviser and top international scholar. It offers a balanced and judicious account of how this complex and fascinating subject has developed, how it can be approached and its possible futures. And above all, it shows us why public management and administration is so important in our world today.’
– Christopher Hood, All Souls College, Oxford, UK

‘Christopher Pollitt’s new book is a bright contribution to the literature on public management and administration. The overall picture of the academic field is written from a pluralistic variety of interesting and relevant perspectives. His endeavour to picture relevant megatrends in the field, and to draw some sketches of the future, shows his wide-ranging and thorough-going mastering of the subject. Pollitt’s humorous and eloquent writing style makes it a true pleasure to read the book.
– Walter Kickert, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

‘This truly is an Advanced Introduction, by one of the field''s great masters. It is a book that we have long needed and, in a style that is eminently accessible and enjoyable, plows important new ground. It is a must-read for students just starting out and for scholars charting the field''s future.’
– Don Kettl, University of Maryland, US

‘Christopher Pollitt’s advanced introductory book to the field of public administration and management offers an insightful account of how an intricate field such as public administration developed, of how it must be approached and of the prospects for the near future. Through his eloquent and humorous writing style, reading his work is an immensely enjoyable undertaking. . . Its eminently accessible style makes it a must-read for new students, public administrators and veterans endeavouring to chart out the discipline’s future.’
– Administration
Contents: 1. What Kind of a Subject is Public Management/Public Administration? 2. Theory 3. Methods and Approaches 4. The Public Management Community 5. The Relationship with Practice 6. Current and Future Issues (’Megatrends’) 7. Public Management in Interesting Times References Index
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