Agricultural Policy in Western Europe and the United States


Agricultural Policy in Western Europe and the United States

9781840644647 Edward Elgar Publishing
The late Ken A. Ingersent, former Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Research in Economic Development and International Trade, University of Nottingham, UK and A.J. Rayner, formerly Professor of Agricultural Economics, Department of Economics, University of Nottingham, UK
Publication Date: 2000 ISBN: 978 1 84064 464 7 Extent: 464 pp
This comprehensive volume provides an indispensable analysis of the development of agricultural policy in Western Europe and the United States.

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This comprehensive volume provides an indispensable analysis of the development of agricultural policy in Western Europe and the United States.

After providing a background to agricultural policy in the two regions, the authors focus on specific issues including:

• development policy and trade intervention up to 1930
• a review of the major adjustments to agricultural policy in the world depression of the 1930s
• agricultural adjustment and trade interaction between 1940 and 1973, including the enlargement of the EC, the formation of CAP and the foundation of GATT
• an examination of the growth in agricultural protection in the 1980s and the effects of the Uruguay Round of GATT negotiations on trade conflicts
• the EU’s 1992 reform of CAP
• policy reforms in the 1990s in the US and Western Europe and the prospects for the future

The book concludes that although there continue to be substantial differences in agricultural policy between the EU and the US, they are diminishing as a result of a fundamental similarity of the forces pushing for reform and the harmonizing effects of international negotiations.
Critical Acclaim
‘. . . this is probably the most balanced, informed and comprehensive treatment of US and Western European agricultural policy now in print. I would recommend it both as a reference and a text. . . It is well informed, well-executed and reasonably accessible to most students and interested readers, and deserves a wide audience.’
– C. Ford Runge, American Journal of Agricultural Economics

‘. . . this book makes a hugely valuable contribution in helping us to understand the historical context from which present-day policies and attitudes have evolved. It should be required reading in all agricultural policy courses. . . The book is, quite simply, a joy to read. . . Also, in these days of camera-ready copy supplied to publishers and marred too often by overlooked errors, its editing and production are a credit to the publisher.’
– Alan Matthews, European Review of Agricultural Economics

‘Ken Ingersent and Tony Rayner must be warmly congratulated for producing such a superb book which should be widely read and much appreciated. . . The authors have done a great deal, very well, and their achievement should not be underestimated.’
– G.H. Peters, Journal of Agricultural Economics

‘Rich with information on agricultural policy in Western Europe and the US in the 20th century, this volume surveys the rationale for agricultural policy or government intervention, market forces, technology, interest groups, and power politics.’
– E.H. Tuma, Choice
Contents: Preface 1. Background to Agricultural Policy 2. History to 1930: Development Policy and Trade Intervention 3. The 1930s: Economic Crisis and Agricultural Support Policies 4. 1940–73: Agricultural Adjustment and Trade Interaction 5. 1973–1980s: Agricultural Expansion and the Rise of Trade Policy Issues 6. International Policy Adjustment 7. Policy Reforms in the 1990s and the Prospects for Further Adjustments Bibliography Index
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