An Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship


An Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

Voices, Preconditions, Contexts

9780857933720 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Rafael Ziegler, Professor, Department of Management, HEC Montreal and Director, Institut International des Coopératives Dorismène et Alphonse Desjardins, Montreal, Canada
Publication Date: July 2011 ISBN: 978 0 85793 372 0 Extent: 264 pp
This timely book sets social entrepreneurship in a historical context, from its philanthropic beginnings in the Victorian era to the present day, against the backdrop of contemporary global capitalism.

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Critical Acclaim
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This timely book sets social entrepreneurship in a historical context, from its philanthropic beginnings in the Victorian era to the present day, against the backdrop of contemporary global capitalism.

Starting with contributions from social entrepreneurs and innovators, this anthology describes the workings of social entrepreneurship and explores its import as a gauge of contemporary social, environmental and economic conditions. Drawing on perspectives from cultural theory, history and sociology, the authors investigate the theory of entrepreneurship, the culture of management and the forgotten antecedents of social entrepreneurship.

The volume then puts social entrepreneurship in the context of the goals and struggles for sustainable development and the modernisation of the welfare state in the global North and South. Its cultural approach will make this book an introduction for students in the liberal arts; its disciplinary perspectives will make it a useful tool for academics and students in the fields of cultural theory, sociology and entrepreneurship as well as development studies.
Critical Acclaim
‘. . . this anthology contains much of what social workers and social pedagogues need to know about the rich perspectives of social entrepreneurship.’
– Niels Rosendal Jensen, European Journal of Social Work

‘. . . the book is a welcome and timely contribution to improving the understanding of social entrepreneurship and the work of social entrepreneurs. The text provides an excellent critical analysis of the dominant economic discourse surrounding social entrepreneurship.’
– Bob Doherty, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research
Contributors: P. Albers, R. Boddice, H. Friebe, P. Grenier, D. Hjorth, E. Illouz, J. Korn, M. Kravcik, J. Mair, C. Seelos, K. Stanowski, R. Swedberg, I.B. Vasi, R. Ziegler

1. Introduction: Voices, Preconditions, Contexts
Rafael Ziegler

2. Return the Lost Water Back to the Continents
Michal Kravcik

3. Taking Responsibility: Breaking Away from Hate and Violence
Judy Korn

4. Not About the Number of Seats in Parliament: Education for Democracy and its Places
Krzysztof Stanowski

5. We Call it Work
Philipp Albers and Holm Friebe

6. Schumpeter’s Full Model of Entrepreneurship: Economic, Non-Economic and Social Entrepreneurship
Richard Swedberg

7. The Culture of Management: Self-Interest, Empathy and Emotional Control
Eva Illouz

8. Forgotten Antecedents: Entrepreneurship, Ideology and History
Rob Boddice

9. New Heroes, Old Theories? Toward a Sociological Perspective on Social Entrepreneurship
Ion Bogdan Vasi

10. Social Entrepreneurship in the UK: From Rhetoric to Reality?
Paola Grenier

11. Entrepreneurship, Sociality and Art: Re-imagining the Public
Daniel Hjorth

12. Hope for Sustainable Development: How Social Entrepreneurs Make it Happen
Christian Seelos and Johanna Mair

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