Footprints in Entrepreneurship Education series

Series editors: Colin Jones, Associate Professor, University of Southern Queensland, Australia and Gustav Hägg, Assistant Professor, Malmö University and researcher, Sten K Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship, Sweden

Presenting a new series of short books redefining the future of entrepreneurship education research and practice. Leading and emergent thinkers are given the space to question, shape and project field’s current and future trajectory to give the reader a concise, innovative and 'must-read, must-cite' take on entrepreneurship education research and practice. The entrepreneurship education footprint series is to be seen as an inclusive arena where divergent thoughts can be ventilated given that clarity is provided on the assumptions each piece departs from.

From a research perspective the series offers a much-needed space to develop well-thought ideas. More in depth than a journal article, shorter than a standard book and refreshing to read, these books will be the starting point for future research in a particular sub-field for both new and established academics.

From a practice perspective the series offer a unique space to fully disclose educational practices on different levels in the educational system to build a knowledge bank on what takes place, how it is being delivered, why it has importance, and for what target audiences the entrepreneurial practice aims for.
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