Elgar Studies in Health and the Law

Series editor: Amandine Garde, University of Liverpool, UK

This new and exciting series will tackle and explore important issues around Health and the Law as they become increasingly entwined in today’s world. Public interest issues sparked by the media and new spaces of information and communication engage society on a more hands-on level, which inevitably impacts many aspects of the Law and Policies that we live by.

As a field of study, Health and the Law will encompass the legal and political ramifications of various health issues within national and international Law. The various and numerous aspects relating to these broad areas include healthcare law, non-communicable diseases, prevention strategies, health policies, reproductive justice, social and mental health law, bioethics, and medicinal law. Elgar Studies in Health and the Law will also be an excellent forum to discuss and debate the diverse and growing range of issues that remain unexplored.

The primary mission of the series is to stimulate the development of original thinking across Health and the Law and to foster the best theoretical and empirical scholarship in the field. With valuable insights, open-minded approaches, and high quality authored and edited collections; this series will be of interest to academics and practitioners alike.

Books in this series

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