Global Perspectives on Medical Law series

Series editors: Thierry Vansweevelt, Faculty of Law, University of Antwerp, Belgium and Nicola Glover-Thomas, School of Law, University of Manchester, UK

The new and exciting Global Perspectives on Medical Law series is an important forum for exploring and examining the most prominent and pressing concerns within medical law from comparative, international and transnational perspectives.
With a strong emphasis on the comparative evaluation and analysis of core legal issues in medicine, Global Perspectives on Medical Law offers a series of books that look at the impact of differing cultural and organizational influences, and in so doing engages with the socio-political landscape of the countries concerned. These differences can be hugely significant in terms of their practical implementation, but also in facilitating our understanding of core concepts within medical law. Topical coverage includes the full spectrum of medico-legal, regulatory and ethical subject matter, ranging from informed consent to medical liability, from the beginning of life to the end of life, and from vulnerability to privacy and patient safety.
With a team representing the ‘World Association of Medical Law’ network at the helm, books in this series have global relevance as well as strong academic rigour and practical merit.

Books in this series

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