Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, Second Edition

Series editor: Gerrit De Geest, Washington University, St. Louis, US

This new edition of the acclaimed Encyclopedia of Law and Economics presents a state-of-the-art overview of the literature in the area of law and economics. The series comprises eleven self-contained volumes, each providing a balanced and comprehensive summary of the following domains: criminal law, regulation, methodology of law, property law, intellectual property law, contract law, tort law, labor and employment law, antitrust law, corporate law, procedural law, and the production of legal rules. This landmark series is an authoritative guide to each domain, paying particular attention to the evolution of the literature, further refinements to economic models and relevant conclusions and lessons.

'The Encyclopedia of Law and Economics endeavours to provide the kind of encylopedic coverage - comprehensive and sophisticated but lucid, international without being esoteric, uniform without being monochrome, collective but individual - that the field of law and economics requires. It will help to make the field accessible to outsiders and to promote mutual intelligibility among insiders. It provides a meeting place for and an overview of scholarship, and will thus help to unify and advance the field. It is a milestone in an advancing field.'
- From the foreword to the first edition by Richard A. Posner

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