Services, Economy and Innovation series

Series editor: John R. Bryson, University of Birmingham, UK and RESER

An ever-increasing proportion of the world's business involves some type of service function and employment. Manufacturing is being transformed into hybrid production systems that combine production and service functions both within manufacturing processes as well as in final products. Manufacturing employment continues to decline while employment in a range of services activities continues to grow. The shift towards service dominated economies presents a series of challenges for academics as well as policy makers. The focus of much academic work has been on manufacturing and until recently services have been relatively neglected. This is the first series to bring together a range of different perspectives that explore different aspects of services, economy and innovation. The series will include titles that explore:

* The economics of services.
* Service-led economies or enterprises.
* Service work and employment.
* Innovation and services.
* Services and the wider process of production.
* Services and globalization.

This series is essential reading for academics and researchers in economics, economic geography and business.

Books in this series

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