Anti-colonial Futures of Education

Series editor: George Dei, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada

The search for new educational futures has become more pressing than ever before. Anti-colonial Futures of Education brings together cutting-edge research for decolonization, challenging prevailing trends in contemporary pedagogy, policy and leadership. Books in the series offer provocative and dynamic interventions in contemporary research and pose critical questions in the development of transformative education systems.

The series seeks to address the marginalization of global Black, Indigenous and Racialized peoples and knowledge systems, examining the critical role that non-Western ontologies and epistemologies can play in anti-colonial educational futures. Deconstructing and dismantling White supremacy drives the series towards new, subversive approaches to learning. Assembling international scholarship in contemporary social justice, anti-colonial and abolitionist education, the series looks to practical implications for pedagogic, instructional and curricular initiatives towards a critical decolonization of education and the institutionalization of anti-coloniality in education systems globally.

Exploring the numerous paths to an anti-colonial future in classrooms and beyond, the series unpacks the oppressions articulated through the intricate relations of race, class, gender, culture, ability, sexuality, language, religion and spirituality to build new and better educational futures.
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