Classics in Transport and Environmental Valuation series

Series editor: David A. Hensher, Professor of Management and Founding Director, Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS), The University of Sydney Business School, Australia

Transportation as a discipline has made substantial contributions to many fields of research endeavour. Four themes that are particularly pertinent are: the development of econometric and data tools to study the choices of individuals and firms; the quantification of health impacts of mobility options; the role of accessibility in urban planning; and the use of new technologies (such as GPS and remote sensing) to capture data efficiently and reliably. This series focuses on contributions that have been made to the literature in these four areas over the last 30 years, with a strong emphasis on both the theoretical and practical contributions under these themes. The selected papers have been drawn from a number of publication sources spread across transportation, economics, health, environmental science, urban planning and geography, which in total represent the story so far of the foundational contributions to these literatures. The volumes in this series are essential reference sources for readers wanting to know the historical development and key contributions to a literature that continues to grow in importance and impact.

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