New Horizons in Environmental and Energy Law series

Series editors: Kurt Deketelaere, LERU Office, Belgium and Zen Makuch, Imperial College London, UK

Environmental law - including the pressing considerations of energy law and climate change - is an increasingly important area of legal research and practice. Given the growing interdependence of global society and the significant steps being made towards environmental protection and energy efficiency, there are few people untouched by environmental and energy lawmaking processes.

At the same time, environmental and energy law is at a crossroads. The command and control methodology that evolved in the 1960s and 1970s for air, land and water protection may have reached the limit of its environmental protection achievements. New life needs to be injected into our environmental protection regimes - perhaps through the concept of sustainability in its environmental, economic and social forms. The same goes for energy policy and law, where liberalisation, environmental protection and security of supply are at the centre of attention. This important series seeks to press forward the boundaries of environmental and energy law through innovative research into environmental and energy law, doctrine and case law. Adopting a wide interpretation of environmental and energy law, it includes contributions from both leading and emerging international scholars.

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