The Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei series on Economics, the Environment and Sustainable Development

Series editor: Carlo Carraro, University of Venice, Venice and Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM), Italy Editorial Board: Kenneth J. Arrow, Stanford University, US William J. Baumol, New York University and Princeton University, US Partha Dasgupta, University of Cambridge, UK

FEEM is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research institution devoted to the study of sustainable development and global governance. Founded by the Eni group, officially recognized by the President of the Italian Republic in 1989, and in full operation since 1990, FEEM has grown to become a leading research centre, providing timely and objective analysis on a wide range of environmental, energy and global economic issues.

FEEM's mission is to improve - through the rigor of its research - the credibility and quality of decision-making in public and private spheres. This goal is achieved by creating an international and multidisciplinary network of researchers working on several innovative projects, by providing and promoting training in specialized areas of research, by disseminating research results through a wide range of outreach activities, and by delivering directly to policy makers via participation in various institutional fora.

The Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM) Series on Economics, the Environment and Sustainable Development publishes leading-edge research findings providing an authoritative and up-to-date source of information in all aspects of sustainable development. FEEM research outputs are the results of a sound and acknowledged co-operation between its internal staff and a worldwide network of outstanding researchers and practitioners. A Scientific Advisory Board of distinguished academics ensures the quality of the publications.
This series serves as an outlet for the main results of FEEM's research programmes in the areas of economics, the environment and sustainable development.

Titles in the series include:

The Economics of Small Island Tourism
International Demand and Country Risk Analysis
Riaz Shareef, Suhejla Hoti and Michael McAleer

Modelling Sustainable Development
Transitions to a Sustainable Future
Edited by Reyer Gerlagh, Valentina Bosetti and Stefan P. Schleicher

Sustainable Cities
Diversity, Economic Growth and Social Cohesion
Edited by Maddy Janssens, Dino Pinelli, Dafne C. Reymen and Sandra Wallman

Books in this series

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