Elgar Research Agendas for Spatial Interventions series

Series editors: Angelique Chettiparamb, School of Real Estate and Planning, Henley Business School, University of Reading and Huw Thomas, School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University, UK

Elgar Research Agendas for Spatial Interventions is a series of innovative books which outline futures for research associated with spatial thinking, spatial analysis and interventions in shaping and managing space. They include agendas around particular types of space (public spaces, market places, nature reserves, etc.), qualities of space (spatial justice, productivity, conservation, etc.), modes or techniques of interventions (plans, site planning, enforcement regimes, etc.) and normative concepts which may guide and shape interventions (diversity, professionalism, complexity, etc.). The books in the series are an essential resource for PhD students and active scholars who want to be at the forefront of research on space and place. They are particularly relevant for spatial disciplines such as Spatial Planning, Regional Planning, Community Planning, Environmental Planning, Real Estate, Urban Design, Human Geography, Development Geography and Urban and Rural Studies.   Each book explores different viewpoints on aspects of space or spatial interventions. They constitute an informed conversation on the future of a topic. Editors are academics who have worked on the theme of the book for a considerable length of time and have developed an overview of the trajectory of research in that particular area, and the significant schools of thought within it. Contributors are leading scholars invited to map out potential directions for future research in an aspect of the topic. These books therefore contain chapters that are themselves visionary, and sometimes contested, in a sub-area of the subject being explored. The overall collection maps out the multiple ways in which understandings of a topic or subject area may be explored and further developed. Volumes will be commissioned, but proposals are also welcomed. For an initial discussion about submitting a book proposal please contact the series editors. For submissions in this series: contact Dr Angelique Chettiparamb ([email protected]), Dr Huw Thomas ([email protected]) or commissioning editor Katy Crossan ([email protected])
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