Entrepreneurship, Space and Place series

Edited by Darja Reuschke, School of Geography and Geosciences, University of St Andrews, Colin Mason, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, Stephen Syrett, Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research, Middlesex University, UK, Maarten Van Ham, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands and Duncan Maclennan, School of Management, University of St Andrews, UK

This important series offers a better understanding of how entrepreneurship shapes space and place and vice versa, and why entrepreneurship varies across space. Essential to Entrepreneurship, Space and Place is the key notion that linkages between entrepreneurship research and economic geography with housing, urban and neighbourhood research will enable a better understanding of entrepreneurial processes and outcomes. In particular, the constituent volumes encourage debate about contemporary conceptualisations of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial activities, local embeddedness and entrepreneurial communities and neighbourhoods, and document current shifts in entrepreneurial practices, identities and places. Significant and integral to the series is the potential cross-fertilisation of social science theory, entrepreneurship concepts and economic geography.

An essential starting point and reference for scholars, academics and policymakers, this series will stimulate debate and provide true insight into the social and economic relationships between location, people and entrepreneurship.

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