Elgar Commentaries in Private International Law series

Series editor: Gilles Cuniberti, Professor of Comparative and Private International Law, University of Luxembourg

Volumes in this series provide comprehensive commentary and analysis on major directives, regulations and conventions across the spectrum of Private International Law (PIL), from the European sphere of the Brussels regime and Rome Regulations to the international sphere that includes the Hague conference and UNCITRAL. The series addresses the full range of issues associated with PIL, including jurisdiction, applicable law, and recognition and enforcement of judgments. The substantive reach extends from family law and succession to international commercial contracts and arbitral proceedings. With a clear and structured format that mirrors the logic of the instrument itself and facilitates pin-point searches, each Commentary examines the context, interpretation and implementation of key instruments governing the complex field of cross-border disputes. Featuring the original text of the respective articles, along with detailed lists of relevant cases and associated regulation, the Commentaries form valuable reference works for both scholars in PIL who want a platform for their research, and practitioners who need clear guidance on interpreting the rules.

Books in this series

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