Elgar Competition Law and Practice series

Series editor: Aidan Robertson QC, Brick Court Chambers, UK

The Elgar Competition Law and Practice series, is a library of works by leading practitioners, competition officials and scholars covering discrete areas of substantive law and procedure in the field of competition and antitrust. Each title is both analytical and descriptive in approach, highlighting and unpicking the legal (and economic) issues that are most critical and relevant to practice. Designed to be detailed, focused reference works, the books in this series offer an in-depth treatment and an authoritative statement on the law, economics and practice in key topics within the field, from Vertical Agreements to Antitrust Damages, from Competition and IP to Competition in Energy Markets, and from Leniency & Fines to Article 101 and Article 102.

Presented in a format that allows for ease of navigation to a particular point of law, each title in the series is written by specialists in their respective fields, often with insight either from private practice or from an enforcement perspective.

Under the direction and series editorship of two leading figures in competition law practice, the Elgar Competition Law and Practice series will be a forum for the highest quality work in competition law, and will form an important reference library for all practicing in the field.

Books in this series

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