Elgar International Investment Law series

Series editors: Andrea K. Bjorklund, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada and August Reinisch, University of Vienna, Austria

This monograph series provides a point of convergence for authoritative, original works focused specifically on international investment law in all its forms. Works will be single or co-authored, theoretically rigorous and analytically precise, often considering the intersection of investment law with other fields of law such as trade, intellectual property, environment or public international law. The series will comprise works from established authors as well as from younger scholars whose work is genuinely innovative and challenging. Proposals are encouraged that primarily engage with new and previously under-developed themes in the field, draw on other disciplines in order to further thinking in the field, or alternatively attempt to offer a definitive statement on areas of uncertainty in the existing law.

The development of original thinking in international investment law and research of the highest quality is the main emphasis of the series. Both international and comparative in its approach, it aims to include some of the best theoretical and empirical work from both well-established researchers and the next generation of scholars.

Books in this series

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