Elgar Studies in European Law and Policy

Series editor: Herwig C.H. Hofmann, Professor of European and Transnational Public Law, Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance and Robert Schuman Institute for European Affairs, University of Luxembourg

Elgar Studies in European Law and Policy is a forum for books that demonstrate cutting-edge legal and politico -legal analysis of the pertinent policies in a multi-jurisdictional Europe. The series is as relevant for academic reflection as for practical development of the matters addressed therein, such as policy relevance, its origins and the possibilities of future development. Books in the series take a multidisciplinary or multi-jurisdictional approach to the topics at their centres, with an aim to facilitating understanding of European law and policy matters and demonstrating their connectedness throughout jurisdictional levels. The series will provide coverage and analysis of various regulatory areas at the forefront of EU law and policy, including: the development of new European policy fields, issues of market regulation, economic and monetary maters and social dimensions of EU Law.

Books in this series

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