Principles of Media and Communications Law series

As society’s appetite for a burgeoning range of media channels grows, so does the need for a regulatory structure which not only accounts for the mediums of the digital age, but also the increasing applicability of this area of the law to everyday citizens who, with the advent of the internet, are now able to freely create their own media. This series addresses a dearth in the market for accessible and analytical overviews of the fundamental principles and concepts that regulate media production and use across print media, telecommunication and digital platforms.

Coverage of the series includes core concepts in media law such as freedom of speech, freedom of expression, privacy, the torts of defamation and contempt, as well as more practical subjects such as journalism law, advertising law and the regulation of social media. Authored by leading names in the field, as well as a growing cast of emerging scholars, these rigorous overviews function both as a scholarly reference point, and as a broad but deep introduction to their respective fields. They offer an unrivalled grounding for scholars and postgraduate students, as well as for lawyers and policymakers.
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