Research Handbooks in Human Rights series

Elgar Research Handbooks are original reference works designed to provide a broad overview of research in a given field while at the same time creating a forum for more challenging, critical examination of complex and often under-explored issues within that field. Chapters by international teams of contributors are specially commissioned by editors who carefully balance breadth and depth. Often widely cited, individual chapters present expert scholarly analysis and offer a vital reference point for advanced research. Taken as a whole they achieve a wide-ranging picture of the state-of-the-art.

This highly original series offers a unique appraisal of the state-of-the-art of research and thinking in human rights law. Each volume, edited by a prominent expert, either covers a specific aspect of human rights law or looks at how human rights impacts upon, or intersects with, other areas of law. Combining positivist approaches to international and human rights law, with more critical approaches, the volumes also draw, where appropriate, on research from adjacent disciplines. Addressing current and sometimes controversial legal issues, as well as affording a clear substantive analysis of the law, these Research Handbooks are designed to inform as well as to contribute to current debates.

Equally useful as reference tools or introductions to specific topics or issues, the Research Handbooks will be used by academic researchers, post-graduate students, practicing lawyers and lawyers in policy circles.

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